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The tractor trailer accident lawyer fights for the rights of the non-commercial driver

The tractor trailer accident lawyer fights for the rights of the non-commercial driver

Truck Accident

One day, during rush hour of 2016, a tractor-trailer, in a non-disclosed region of the United States, overturned.  The incident caused both sides of a beltway to shut down.  A male commercial driver was driving the overturned rig.  Another driver, in a standard passenger truck, was driving in the opposite direction, when the commercial truck overturned.

The commercial truck crashed into a concrete barrier when it overturned.  The man driving the commercial truck was thrown from the truck and a fatality resulted.  The person, in the passenger truck, sustained serious injuries.

There were sections of the concrete barrier wall spread all about the highway and debris, from the 18 wheeler’s load, was likewise, spread all over the highway; on both sides.  The accident ruptured the fuel tanks of the commercial truck which caused gasoline to spill out all over the interstate.  The cleanup was intense, and went on until the morning hours.  To this day, no one knows what precisely caused the commercial truck driver to lose control of the truck.

The above case, is one of many, that happens every day.  In fact, accidents between commercial trucks and standard passenger vehicles happen more often than most people are aware.

Commercial truck drivers are required, by law, to meet certain stringent Federal regulations, regarding the number of hours  which they are allowed to drive on the interstate.  Many times, commercial drivers do not follow such regulations.  When they do not, a good many become fatigued, and fall asleep while driving.  Regardless, even when drivers practice compliance, there is still a good possibility they can become over-tired, from many hours of driving and fall asleep at the wheel.

As stated, the cause of the above accident is not known.  It is right to say, the accident was tragic.  The commercial driver was a fatality and the other driver, traveling in the other direction, sustained highly critical injuries.  In the preceding case, the victim’s family, of the passenger truck, may have had the right to file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death case–that is, if their loved-one had passed away, against the commercial truck driver’s representatives or the commercial trucking company which the 18 wheel driver was associated.

When a person is injured by a tractor-trailer or there is negligence, on the part of the commercial driver, a tractor trailer accident lawyer is the person to consult. Our firm, of tractor-trailer accident lawyers, is pleased to provide a free legal consultation to parties involved in a standard vehicle–commercial truck accident.  If such an accident occurs, persons or victims involved in such an accident, are encouraged to contact us  to find out more about their rights.

We promise to do our best in settling the case of the individual or individuals, driving standard passenger vehicles, against the large commercial truck organizations.