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Tips for Riding a Bike In NYC

Tips for Riding a Bike In NYC

People love riding their bikes to work and to go to other places. They know that it’s good for the environment and that it saves them money on gasoline. Unfortunately, a lot of people are injured when they are riding their bike. This is often because they are not smart when they are riding their bike and they take risks that they shouldn’t take. Below are some tips that cyclists should use when they are riding their bike to help them with keeping safe while they are riding their bike. These will help ensure that they are going to make it to their destination safely on their bike.

Know when to stay home

There are times when you shouldn’t be riding your bike. There’s some nasty weather conditions that can be really fun on a bike, but they also are going to increase your chances of having an accident on your bike. So think about other modes of transportation when the weather is bad.

Clean your bike

Make sure that you are cleaning your bike and taking good care of it. Make sure that your wheels on your bike or in good condition of wipe down the bike to ensure that you are traveling on something that safe. Also make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your chain. Wipe it off if it’s possible, and then lubricate it once the chain is dry. Also pay attention to your cables and brake pads

Replace your helmet after an accident

After you have been in an accident, replace your bike helmet. You don’t know what kind of damage it had from the accident, and you don’t know how it can affect whether or not it can protect your head. So spend the extra money and get a replacement.

These are the things that you should do to help you with staying safe while you are on you bicycle. They can go a long way to making sure that you are safe and that you have a good time while riding your bike. Even though you safe doing what you can to stay safe, however, sometimes accidents happen. If you have an accident and you are hurt, you might want to get a lawyer. Your lawyer will help you get a fair settlement.

If you were riding your bike and you were injured in an accident, you might want to look for a lawyer for your claim. Frekhtman & Associates  are a group of professional bicycle accident lawyers and we are ready to help you. If you want to learn what we can do for your claim, contact us.  We are ready to help you with your claim.

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