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Tips from a Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Tips from a Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

It’s a worst case scenario for many – you wake up after a severe accident or injury to find that you have limited movement in your legs or cannot move them at all. The doctor states that you may never walk again, let alone play ball with your kid, bicycle in the summer, or for many, even work. Injury-related paraplegia not only affects your physical ability to perform tasks but also your mental ability. Depression and anxiety will cause you to feel hopeless or powerless to perform routine tasks or even fight for your fair settlement. Therefore, here are some tips from a paraplegia injury lawyer.

  • Do not give up. Many people who suffer from a disabling injury feel as though their life has lost some or all meaning. However, you are still a valued member of your home and your community and can find ways to contribute to those around you, such as reading to your kids, talking with your neighbors, or even joining on online community to share your struggle with others.
  • Your case is worth the battle. You have suffered a catastrophic injury and now an insurance company is offering you a sum of money. You know it is not the fair amount but you have bills to pay. However, if the insured had not been negligent, you would not be in the position you are in now. Moreover, your medical bills and other costs of care are not going to end anytime soon. Even though money cannot restore all of your abilities, it can ease the financial burden you now face.
  • Get help. You are journeying down a long path and will need a lot of help along the way. Physical therapists or surgeons will attempt to restore some mobility and function, contractors may attempt to give you a home that accommodates your disability, and a lawyer can help to get you the fair settlement you deserve. If you have been injured and now suffer from paraplegia, contact us for a free case evaluation.