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Paraplegia Injuries

Find Out How A Paraplegia Injury Lawyer Can Work For You

People get injured every day explains an NYC paraplegia injury lawyer at the F&A accident law firm in Manhattan. Often, it is because of someone else's wrongdoing or negligence. In some cases, these injuries can cause paraplegia. Paraplegia results from a large number of accidents. Find out how a paraplegia injury lawyer can help you to build a case and potentially obtain a settlement for you. How does paraplegia occur? The causes of paraplegia vary. In many instances, it is as a result of an accident where there is a severe traumatic injury to the spinal cord. The trauma could have occurred as a result...

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Adaptive Clothing Can Make Life Easier for the Disabled

Adaptive Clothing Can Make Life Easier for the Disabled

After surviving major accidents and surgeries, many of the newly disabled must address unexpected life challenges. For example, they must find clothes that help minimize their pain and discomfort while dressing each day and trying to increase their mobility. Others disabled people must either search for clothing that will not interfere with their care while bedridden -- or when moving about using wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Should temporarily or permanently disabled adults or children want clothing that also looks fashionable, they will have to look even harder to meet their needs. While many stylish yet adaptive clothes can be a...

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Spinal Cord Injuries Require a Paralysis Injury Lawyer

A spinal cord injury occurs when the bundle of nerves inside the spinal column is damaged explains a New York City paralysis injury lawyer at the F&A accident law firm in Manhattan.  The brain can no longer communicate with the body below the point of injury.  Generally, the higher on the vertebrae that damage occurs, the more devastating the injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury results in partial paralysis.  These victims often have trouble breathing, eliminating waste, digesting food and more.  A complete spinal cord injury results in total and complete paralysis.  Victims are often unable to speak, breathe on their own or...

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Tips from a Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

It's a worst case scenario for many - you wake up after a severe accident or injury to find that you have limited movement in your legs or cannot move them at all. The doctor states that you may never walk again, let alone play ball with your kid, bicycle in the summer, or for many, even work. Injury-related paraplegia not only affects your physical ability to perform tasks but also your mental ability. Depression and anxiety will cause you to feel hopeless or powerless to perform routine tasks or even fight for your fair settlement. Therefore, here are some tips...

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Working with Your Paraplegia Injury Lawyer to Gain Compensation for a Devastating Condition

All spinal injuries are going to change a person's life, but there isn't any worse condition than when having all four limbs paralyzed. This is known as paraplegia, and it can not only affect how your ability to work, it can cause emotional distress in trying to live a normal life. It's why it's essential you hire a paraplegia injury lawyer if you've just been in an accident that completely paralyzed you. The compensation you deserve for a negligent person or company that put you in this condition is without question. Here at Frekhtman & Associates, we see a number of...

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