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Degloving Injuries

Degloving Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle and Workplace Accidents


Although severe head trauma and broken bones cause extensive suffering after major auto and workplace accidents, “degloving” injuries can prove even more challenging. The most common types of these accidents shave or shear off the top layer of your skin. Imagine what happens to a human body as its partially jutting out of a vehicle during a rollover accident. The term “degloving” was coined since it makes you think of what you see when a person quickly removes latex gloves off their hands. Workers on assembly lines or managing large farm equipment can also experience devastating “degloving” injuries. While many of these...

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Catastrophic Degloving Injury: Causes and Effects

A degloving injury is one of the most devastating and traumatic injuries that commonly occurs on work sites and within the trucking industry. This is a type of injury classified whenever the skin is completely pulled off of a person's hand and arm. This leaves only the bones, muscles and, tissue, but often those body parts are also left with serious trauma. It's a condition that can put a person at risk for significant illness and sometimes even death. The Primary Causes of a Degloving Injury: Vehicular & Workplace Accidents If you work as a truck driver or at a commercial or...

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Degloving Injury Lawyers discuss accidents that can cause these devastating injuries

Enduring a degloving injury is a painful process. Unfortunately, this kind of injury is not as rare as people expect. Not many people realize the kinds of degloving accidents that occur or understand what can be done about it. Here are a few examples of recent accidents that have resulted in this kind of injury and what you can do if this has occurred to you. Often times these injuries occur at workplaces. In Queensland, a man suffered a tragic degloving scalp injury from some equipment at work. According to this article by the Brisbane Times, the "58-year-old man had skin torn from his...

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