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Dog Bites

Injury Lawyer Discusses Dog Bites


Dog bites are more common that most people realize. Unfortunately, even family pets can bite and cause serious injury, or even death. In fact, 31 deaths were caused by dog attacks in 2013. Kids are the most at risk because they are shorter and therefore, often face to face with a dog. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, injuries that occur to children ages 4 and under are most likely to be to the head and neck. Between 2010 and 2012, over 350,000 children ages 14 and under were bitten by a dog. Injury lawyer, Frekhtman & Associates, realize that dog...

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Update: Police Investigating Subway Pit Bull Attack

This story is an update on the story we posted on earlier today. New details have been released related to this story, so we are bringing you an update. Police are looking into the pit bull attack that occurred on the subway in Lower Manhattan. The attack happened when the dog latched onto a 22-year-old woman’s show. Authorities are looking for the dog’s owner at this time. A witness on the train, TahSyi Kyng, took a video of the incident. He said in the video that, "You should've had your dog in a bag, kennel, muzzle.” The accident occurred at around 4 in the...

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Pit Bull Attacks Woman on Manhattan Subway

In Lower Manhattan on April 25, police are looking for the owner of a pit bull that attacked a woman on the Subway last Friday. The pit bull attached itself to the woman’s foot. The incident happened at around 4 in the evening on Friday after a dispute between the pet owner and a woman. This happened on the downtown 4 train. The incident was recorded by a witness, TahSyi Kyng. He was riding on the train with his girlfriend. In the video, you can see the pit bull latching onto the woman’s shoe and not letting go until the shoe came off....

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New York, SI Man Mauled By Pit Bulls died

A New York, Staten Island senior citizen who was mauled by two pit bulls last month died at Richmond University Medical Center. Henry Piotrowski was attacked by his neighbor’s two pit bulls right outside his home on John Street in Port Richmond on July 1 ,2008 (Read: The pit bulls were euthanized, but their owners pled not guilty to assault and other charges. News Update : New York City Injury Lawyer...

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Brooklyn Boy injured in Dog Attack

A Brooklyn man was charged on Wednesday for allegedly allowing a pit bull and another dog to attack a three-year-old boy on Wednesday morning. Frantz Cesar, aged 24, was charged with weapon possession and endangering life of a child, when he allegedly released two dogs that attacked his girlfriend’s three-year old son, named Kamar Reynolds. Kamar was bitten badly on the face and neck by the two dogs and they teared off his ear which was dangling after the bite. Reynolds was admitted to Bellevue Hospital where he underwent a surgery to re-attach his ear. The police commissioner told that incident happened after a...

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Pit Bull Attack On S.I. Man: Dog Owner Charged With Assault

According to Police, McNair's dogs attacked Henry Piotrowski, right outside his home on John Street in Port Richmond on July 1 ,2008. Piotrowski is being hospitalized and is in critical condition after having one of his legs amputated. He could have been even more serious if hi neighbor had not heard the attack who then using a knife chased the dogs away, but this was not before the dogs had severely injured Piotrowski. Local residents said the dogs' owner should be held responsible. According to McNair's friend, Anthony Mahoney, feels the dogs, must have been provoked causing them to attack like they did. The...

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Elderly Man wounded in Dog Attack in Staten Island, New York

A 90-year-old man who is a resident of Staten Island was admitted to hospital after being mauled by 2 pit bulls on Staten Island. The victim, Henry S. Piotrowski, 90, was attacked about 11 a.m, while he was sitting outside his home at 94 John Street in Port Richmond. He was viciously attacked by two young pit bulls and sustained severe wounds to his arms an legs. He was immediately rushed to the Richmond University Medical Center where his condition is said to be critical. He has sustained serious personal injuries as the result of this attack. The neighbor, Reginald Bell, came...

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