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Personal Injuries

Residents of Queens, New York Apartments return after Fire Clean-Up

Residents of Queens, New York apartments returned back to their apartment buildings which caught fire after a gas explosion last week. The residents started moving back into 11 of the 37 apartments which were vacated after the fire accident. More than a dozen people were injured in the gas explosion which took place at 147-25 Sanford Avenue. Mr. Edgar Zaldumbide and his two year old daughter Melissa received serious burn injuries in this fire accident. Several of the vacated residents still feel unsafe to go back in the apartments. However building manager told that rooms have been repaired and they comply with safety...

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New York Construction Worker Seriously Injured In a Fall Accident

A New York construction worker got seriously injured after falling from fourth floor of a building in Queens this morning. According to officials a 40 year old fell when he was installing guard rails on a residential building. He was not wearing safety harness at that time. The worker was taken to Elmhurst Hospital by the fire officials and was unconscious with multiple injuries. A stop-work order was issued by the Department of Buildings for safety violations including lack of a safety harness. News Update by : New York Construction Accident Lawyer...

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Car and Motorcycle Crash near Staten Island, New York: 1 Killed and 2 Injured

A car hit two motorcycles near Staten Island, New York on Monday evening killing one biker and injuring two others. The car, Volkswagen Jetta hit motorcycles sending two people off their motorbike along the pavement for around 20 feet. The car didn't stopped there but ran over the second bike, thus crushing the rider underneath to death. According to Nick Prada, who was the eyewitness of car-motorcycle accident said that it sounded like an explosion, and then both car and bike engulfed into fire ball within few seconds. The car finally stopped by a chain-link fence and a cement barrier at Whitehall and South...

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Queens Woman sentenced to 11 Years In New York Adoption Scam

A 63 year old Woman named Judith Leekin, has been sentenced to 11 Years in adoption scam. The woman is a former resident of Queens and has been convicted for adopting and abusing 11 disabled children. She has admitted to using forge names to adopt the children, and used to send phony report cards to the authorities. She received She made a fortune of $1.68 millions in adoption subsidies, which was forfeited by her in a plea deal. Leekin, moved to Florida after adopting children from New York during 1988 – 1996. The children were kept in inhumane conditions – forced to sleep...

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Brooklyn Fire – 5 year-old boy seriously injured.

A five-year-old boy received serious injuries after a fire engulfed his Brooklyn apartment on Knickerbocker Avenue. The fire broke out at around 3p.m, July 07. Fire officials are investigating the cause of this fire, but it is reported that the boy named Jay Morales, had threatened to set the apartment on fire to kill his grandmother who didn’t allow him to go to the park. The boy was rebuked for making prank calls to the 911. It is reported that he then found a lighter and set fire to the curtains of his apartment. The boy was reportedly being punished for prank calling...

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Brooklyn Pastor’s Grandson Becomes Third Dead From Car Crash

The Brooklyn Pastor’s Grandson died after receiving serious injuries during a car accident. The hospital authorities in Pennsylvania told that D.J. Wright, 14, died from his serious injuries. He was the grandson of Brooklyn Pastor Timothy Wright. State Police of Pennsylvania told that their car was struck by a driver who was going the wrong way. Among those killed in the crash includes Mr.Wright’s wife, co-pastor Betty and their grandson. The driver of the other car, 44-year-old John Pick also died in this car accident. Timothy Wright, 61, was critically injured in the car accident, and remained in critical but stable condition after...

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Deadly Brooklyn Shooting : 1 Killed and 4 Injured

Police is searching for suspects in the firing incident which left one person killed and four other injured – two critically at a barbecue in Brooklyn, New York. There were more than 100 people present inside a party tent in the yard at the time when shooting incident happened. Investigators reported that some unidentified individual started shooting at 969 Gates Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 1 a.m on Sunday. Among those killed has been identified at Zeanie White, 21, who was declared dead at Kings County Hospital, New York. An unidentified man and a 19-year-old woman were taken to local hospitals where their condition...

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Brooklyn Boy injured in Dog Attack

A Brooklyn man was charged on Wednesday for allegedly allowing a pit bull and another dog to attack a three-year-old boy on Wednesday morning. Frantz Cesar, aged 24, was charged with weapon possession and endangering life of a child, when he allegedly released two dogs that attacked his girlfriend’s three-year old son, named Kamar Reynolds. Kamar was bitten badly on the face and neck by the two dogs and they teared off his ear which was dangling after the bite. Reynolds was admitted to Bellevue Hospital where he underwent a surgery to re-attach his ear. The police commissioner told that incident happened after a...

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Brooklyn Girl beaten by Mother’s Boyfriend Dies

A three-year old Brooklyn girl who was beaten by her mother’s boyfriend died on Wednesday. Eleacha Oliver Ragoo breathed her last at East Flatbush’s Brookdale Hospital, and was on life support since June 21. The little girl was admitted to hospital after her mother’s boyfriend threw her around violently. She had received a fractured skull, broken ribs, and a spinal injury as the result of assault. Read June 27th News at: Anthony Merritt has been charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. However serious charges will be leveled against him since the girl has died in...

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Pit Bull Attack On S.I. Man: Dog Owner Charged With Assault

According to Police, McNair's dogs attacked Henry Piotrowski, right outside his home on John Street in Port Richmond on July 1 ,2008. Piotrowski is being hospitalized and is in critical condition after having one of his legs amputated. He could have been even more serious if hi neighbor had not heard the attack who then using a knife chased the dogs away, but this was not before the dogs had severely injured Piotrowski. Local residents said the dogs' owner should be held responsible. According to McNair's friend, Anthony Mahoney, feels the dogs, must have been provoked causing them to attack like they did. The...

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