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Personal Injuries

Large Truck Accident Statistics

When it comes to deaths in large truck accidents, the deaths are usually to people in passenger vehicles. This is because people in these smaller vehicles are vulnerable. Trucks can weigh up to 30 times as much as normal care. They are also taller and have larger ground clearance which means that the smaller vehicles can get stuck underneath the truck in crashes. Trucks can also have issues with braking, and they can take a long time to break. When bad roads are a factor, the time it takes for a large truck to come to a complete stop is even...

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Adaptive Clothing Can Make Life Easier for the Disabled

Adaptive Clothing Can Make Life Easier for the Disabled

After surviving major accidents and surgeries, many of the newly disabled must address unexpected life challenges. For example, they must find clothes that help minimize their pain and discomfort while dressing each day and trying to increase their mobility. Others disabled people must either search for clothing that will not interfere with their care while bedridden -- or when moving about using wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Should temporarily or permanently disabled adults or children want clothing that also looks fashionable, they will have to look even harder to meet their needs. While many stylish yet adaptive clothes can be a...

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New York State (NYS) Workers Compensation Lawsuits-Claim Guide by Injury Lawyer


As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 4 million workers were injured on the job during 2005 and 5,700 workers lost their lives from work-related injuries. New York State’s no-fault worker’s compensation program is meant to provide financial protection to workers hurt on the job and to provide the appropriate medical care. NYS State law requires employers to purchase insurance in order to provide workers’ compensation benefits to his/her employees. This insurance covers payments for medical care and to replace lost wages. It also provides facilities regarding medical treatment. However, denials are common while filing an injury claim....

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Possible Case Values for Clients Who May Require Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Kneed injury lawyers

Possible Case Values for Clients Who May Require Arthroscopic Knee Surgery When our firm first meets with new clients, our lawyers always explain that it can be very difficult to provide early estimates regarding a case’s settlement value since so much depends on each case’s unique facts. Furthermore, the main factors that can help us determine the possible range of recovery include whether your injuries are permanent, extensive and require surgery. We must also find out the total cost of your medical treatments – and then use that figure to help us calculate our request for your pain and suffering. It’s also...

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Whiplash Car Accident Case Values Can Vary Greatly

whiplash injury lawyer new york

Whiplash Car Accident Case Values Can Vary Greatly Far too many people suffer painful whiplash injuries due to car accidents caused by others. Distracted driving has become so common, it’s a wonder that most of us safely reach our destinations. Fortunately, most of us are can obtain proper treatment. Yet as our healing continues, we often start asking about the settlement value of our cases.  Once our law firm receives copies of a client’s medical and billing records from their treating doctors, we can then try to provide an educated guess regarding the possible value of each case. However, before that stage...

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NYC Bicycle Delivery Accident Attorneys

bicycle courier accident lawyer | Frekhtman & Associates

Tragic bicycle accidents have become common in New York City. All too often, the cyclists hit were simply pedaling to their jobs or making an honest living as bicycle delivery riders. At least five cyclists lost their lives on New York City streets during July of 2019.  Only 10 such deaths were recorded in all of 2018. Although New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero program seemed to be helping to decrease cyclist and pedestrian accidents during recent years, that program is no longer fully capable of stemming the tide of the current series of major injuries and deaths. Here’s a...

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Serious New York City Stairway, Ramp, Sidewalk and Parking Lot Injuries

New York City residents constantly suffer serious injuries while driving in parking lots. They also get hurt when using stairways, ramps and sidewalks. One major medical journal article states that at least one million Americans injure themselves annually on staircases. Although roughly 50% of all homes have staircases, many of these accidents also occur in the workplace. While many people injured on stairs are much older, two-thirds of those who seek emergency room treatment for stairway injuries are between the ages of eleven and sixty. Stairway accidents often occur because people are distracted -- or because of design hazards. In some...

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New York City Blunt Force Injury Accident Attorneys

At present, Americans age 44 and younger are most likely to die of injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes, falls or homicides. Blunt force injuries to the abdomen and brain account for a very large percentage of these deaths. No one is fully safe from these events since statistics indicate that they hold true regardless of one’s race, economic status or age. Although serious falls often plague the very young and old, a large percentage of falls also occur in the workplace. Every year, many New York City construction workers suffer blunt force trauma when they fall off scaffolding or are...

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Strong Closing Arguments Help Us Win Your Personal Injury Case

Frekhtman & Associates |

When trying to decide which attorney you should hire, it’s always best to choose the most experienced, knowledgeable and personable lawyer available. After all, you’ll need someone who can properly analyze the facts of your case before either negotiating a generous settlement with the defendant’s insurance company -- or convincing a jury you’re entitled to full compensation for all your losses. You’ll also want to work with a lawyer who demonstrates sincere interest in your case. Try to avoid merely meeting with a law firm’s field representative after you’ve been injured. It’s best to meet early on with your actual attorney...

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Queens Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents happen much too frequently in Queens and all other New York City boroughs. Furthermore, many of these events result in long-term, physical disabilities – if not immediate or later deaths. One of these tragic events took place on July 1, 2018, on Myrtle Avenue in the Ridgewood section of Queens. Early that morning, a recently retired housekeeper, wife and mother was hit and severely injured by a careless hit-and-run driver who had raced through a red light. The 63-year-old victim was then rushed to Wyckoff Hospital where she fought hard to survive her injuries. Unfortunately, on July 16th, she passed...

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