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Personal Injuries

Burn Accident Lawyer New York

Burn injuries are often not talked about when it comes to accident litigation, but burn injuries are some of the most painful and can impact a person’s life in many ways. A severe burn injury does not heal quickly, and it can be extremely painful to deal with. Some burns can even last for a person's’ lifetime. Burn injuries are not uncommon in New York. In car accidents, burn injuries can happen frequently. Burn injuries can also be sustained in workplace accidents and from chemical exposure. Also, burns can happen in fires such as in apartment buildings. At Frekhtman & Associates, we...

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Burn Accident Statistics

Did you know that nearly half a million burn injuries are treated each year in the United States? There is also a civilian fire that happens every 2 hours and 40 minutes in this country, and there is a civilian fire injury happening every 34 minutes. Of the fires reported in 2015, 48 percent of those happened outside and 37 percent happened in structures like houses and other buildings. 13 percent of those fires were vehicle fires. There are many types of burns. Common burns include chemical burns, electric burns, friction burns, and flame injuries. Many burn injuries are preventable. Sometimes, burn...

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Do You Need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

At Frekhtman & Associates, we know how devastating it can be when families lost someone because of another person’s negligence or recklessness. This is why we are dedicated to helping family members seek justice as well as recover compensation. By going through this process, families can begin to heal from the traffic loss. We know your legal rights and the options available to you in New York after you have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one. Sadly, accidents do happen each day in New York. Sometimes these accidents cut short the lives of innocent people. If the death was...

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Wrongful Death Lawyer New York

After you’ve lost a loved one in an accident, you are dealing with a lot of stress and grief. Losing a loved one is always difficult. It is one of the most difficult things anyone has to go through. Losing a loved one in an accident that was caused by someone else can be especially hard. You may be asking yourself why. You may be asking yourself how this could have happened. If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident that could have been prevented, you are probably asking yourself a million questions and trying to make sense of it...

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Large Truck Accident Statistics

When it comes to deaths in large truck accidents, the deaths are usually to people in passenger vehicles. This is because people in these smaller vehicles are vulnerable. Trucks can weigh up to 30 times as much as a normal care. They are also taller and have larger ground clearance which means that the smaller vehicles can get stuck underneath the truck in crashes. Trucks can also have issues with braking, and they can take a long time to break. When bad roads are a factor, the time it takes for a large truck to come to a complete stop is...

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Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

After you’ve been injured in an accident involving a large truck, you might be wondering if you need a truck accident lawyer in NYC or not. If the accident was minor and your injuries were not severe, you might not need to hire a lawyer. You might be fine to settle outside of court. But, for serious injuries where you are looking at significant medical bills, a lawyer is often your best option for receiving the compensation you are owed. If an insurance company is refusing to pay you the money you are due, a personal injury lawyer can also help you....

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Emergency Responders Brace for Power Outages

Emergency responders are preparing for possible blackouts that could happen if ice brings down trees and power lines. Officials are hiring people to prepare for possible power outages. The emergency responders are looking ahead to storms coming into the area. The Deputy Chief May of the Rochester Fire Department said, "stay inside because of down trees, downed wires. You can't tell if they're live or dead." Emergency responders in the Rochester area are preparing for another storm. They are urging people in the area to limit travel, and they say that bridges will be a concern because roads over bridges tend to freeze. They...

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Do You Need a Train Accident Attorney?

Did you know that there are about 3,000 train accidents that cause around 1,000 death each year in the United States? Of course, there are many more train accidents that cause injuries that don’t lead to fatalities. Even small accidents involving trains can lead to severe injury because trains are so large and move quickly. Train accident personal injury cases can be complicated as they often involve many responsible parties. Train accidents also have specific laws and regulations that are different than accidents involving other vehicles. A train accident might just impact one person like in the case of a slip and...

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Pedestrian Safety Statistics

Pedestrian accidents do happen in New York. They are especially common in urban areas such as in NYC. There are always people walking in the city getting from place to place. There are also often pedestrians in suburban areas. An accident involving a pedestrian and any type of vehicle can happen. These statistics illustrate how often they happen. According to statistics, in 2015, there were over 5,375 pedestrians who were killed in traffic crashes in the United States. This is an average of about 1 pedestrian death every 1.6 hours. Also, there were nearly 130,000 pedestrians who were treated for injuries related to...

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How Can a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Help You?

  If you’ve been injured in an accident while you were a pedestrian, you might be wondering if it is worth it to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer. When a pedestrian is injured in an accident involving a vehicle, it can cause serious damage. The human body is frail and can be easily injured by a vehicle. Because of this, injuries to pedestrians are more likely to be severe. Victims and families can benefit from seeking legal help. If the accident was caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another person, the victim could receive financial compensation for their...

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