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NY Brain Injury Lawyer examines recent research to see how parents can improve long-term outcomes for a child’s brain injury

NY Brain Injury Lawyer examines recent research to see how parents can improve long-term outcomes for a child’s brain injury

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Children suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) for a variety of reasons. Vehicular accidents fall, and sports are among the major causes, resulting in anything from a mild concussion to severe brain damage explains a New York brain injury lawyer at the F&A accident law firm.

The Brain Injury Association of America points out that infants, toddlers, and older teenagers are especially at risk; furthermore, among children 14 years and younger, TBIs necessitate hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits and tens of thousands of hospitalizations each year.

In the aftermath of a child’s TBI, the primary concern parents generally have is how to facilitate recovery as much is possible. Although children’s brains typically show remarkable resilience, they’re still vulnerable to various long-term effects.

Some research from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

A recent report from Science Daily highlighted some of the medical center’s research on how TBIs affect children’s attention. Children with mild or moderate TBIs appear twice as likely, on average, to develop problems with attention, while children who have suffered severe TBI are even more likely to have secondary ADHD.

However, one of the key findings of children’s likelihood to develop these problems is the effect of positive parental efforts and home environment. Good parenting can play a critical role in mitigating the effects of a TBI, even in severe cases.

The report discusses some of the interventions that may improve parenting skills and strengthen a child’s home environment to facilitate healing and prevent various problems. Positive parental interactions and consistent support for the child are sources of profound strength.

Helping parents in the aftermath of a child’s TBI

It’s critical that after a child experiences a TBI, parents have the energy, resources, and knowledge to exert a beneficial effect on their child’s recovery.

This is one of the reasons it’s important to work with an experienced attorney after a child’s TBI. Your attorney can help you find ways to cover the costs of the injury and provide your child with sustained support, including your own capable parenting. Don’t hesitate to contact us to review your case and find out how you can better provide your child with the best possible environment and interventions following a TBI.