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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Provoke Traumatic Brain Injuries


Every year, too many New Yorkers discover that carbon monoxide poisoning can cause traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, this type of damage usually occurs before people realize the dangerous level of their exposure. Once a carbon monoxide alarm goes off at work or at home, you must immediately seek out fresh air, while also helping everyone else escape. About 450 Americans die of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning each year, and another 50,000 visit emergency rooms seeking treatment due to their exposure. What follows is a closer look at many of the risky causes of CO poisoning and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), common...

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What To Do If Involved In A Slip And Fall Accident

Slip-and-Fall lawyer new york

 Although the greatest suffering caused by serious fall injuries usually lands upon the shoulders of each injured individual, the rest of society often winds up having to pay some of the financial costs. In fact, since bad falls tend to cause moderate or traumatic brain injuries, New York state often has to pay about 1.3 billion annually, simply to cover the hospitalization fees alone. What follows is a list of frequently asked questions (with answers) about filing a lawsuit due to serious New York City slip and fall injuries. Those who are interested can also visit this link to read more about the...

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Slip and Fall Accidents Often Lead to Traumatic Brain Injuries

After seven New York City construction workers died during the first five months of 2021, aggressive action was taken. The NYC Department of Buildings conducted “Zero tolerance” safety sweeps for 90 days across all five New York City boroughs. Operators of dangerous construction sites were issued nearly 1,500 stop-work orders. These corrective steps were crucial since so many workers who survive serious workplace falls and other construction accidents often develop traumatic brain injuries that greatly limit their future activities. [table-of-content]   One recent report revealed that after 1,100 New York City construction site injuries from 2019 and 2020 were carefully analyzed, the researchers...

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EP10 S05: Is a Concussion a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Trial Stories Podcast

Is a Concussion a Traumatic Brain Injury? FAQs about head injuries. Diagnosis, Symptoms, Are they Permanent? [buzzsprout episode='9444144' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript: Good morning. My name is Arkady Frekhtman I'm a personal injury lawyer here in New York City. And today we're starting a new series on head injuries. And specifically, this one is about concussions. What is a concussion? A concussion is a traumatic brain injury. They're synonymous one and the same. And it's a change in how the brain functions. It's not necessarily a change in the structure of the...

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EP07 S05: TBI Lawyers discuss the Glascow Coma Scale – Traumatic Brain Injury Series

Trial Stories Podcast

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits & Glascow Coma Scale Scores [buzzsprout episode='9279589' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript: Hi, good afternoon. My name is Arkady Frekhtman and I'm an attorney at the F&A Injury Lawyers here in Brooklyn, New York. Today we're talking about traumatic brain injuries and specifically how the defense lawyers and the insurance companies sometimes use the Glasgow Coma Scale to either dismiss an otherwise meritorious case of a true traumatic brain injury or to confuse the jury and to say that it's not a brain injury when it really is. So,...

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New York City Hemiplegia Lawyer

new-york hemiplegia lawyer

[table-of-content] What is Hemiplegia? Hemiplegia is a type of paralysis that affects only one side of the body, usually just one arm and one leg. (A related condition, hemiparesis, is the significant loss of mobility on one side of the body, but not a full paralysis.) Some people with hemiplegia develop the condition after dealing with hemiparesis. Though the arms, legs, and sometimes torso are the regions of the body most affected by hemiplegia, in most cases these body regions are actually perfectly normal and healthy. Instead, the problem stems from the brain which is unable to produce or send signals to control...

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New York Brain Injury Lawyer

brain injury lawyers new-york

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that each year nearly 1.5 million people in the United States suffer a brain injury. The CDC also found that currently, more than 5 million Americans have required prolonged hospitalization or long-term medical care because of traumatic brain injuries. Frekhtman & Associates represent victims of traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, and other types of personal injuries within New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. [table-of-content] What Are Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries? A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often caused by a blunt force impact with some outside entity. A TBI can occur as a result...

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How early medical care helps Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors with PTSD


Many of our clients’ traumatic brain injuries are caused by major car and truck accidents, general workplace and construction site injuries, and other painful events.  As TBI survivors discover that they have additional injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), some of them begin asking if all their health conditions may make it hard for them to return to work. It now appears that an early, accurate diagnosis of PTSD can prove crucial for many brain injury survivors. A recent study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging indicates that it is important for doctors to immediately check for...

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NY Brain Injury Lawyer examines recent research to see how parents can improve long-term outcomes for a child’s brain injury

Tbi lawyer bronx

Children suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) for a variety of reasons. Vehicular accidents fall, and sports are among the major causes, resulting in anything from a mild concussion to severe brain damage explains a New York brain injury lawyer at the F&A accident law firm. The Brain Injury Association of America points out that infants, toddlers, and older teenagers are especially at risk; furthermore, among children 14 years and younger, TBIs necessitate hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits and tens of thousands of hospitalizations each year. In the aftermath of a child's TBI, the primary concern parents generally have is how...

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How To Recognize Traumatic Brain Injuries in Young Children and Teens

How To Recognize Traumatic Brain Injuries in Young Children

Whether they are toddlers or teens, it can be difficult to tell when children have suffered a serious head or brain injuries if they are not crying or complaining. Far too often, small children and teens just think they are feeling a bit odd – and have no idea that they should either obtain immediate medical help or lie down and rest for an extended period. All this puts extra pressure on parents, teachers, and other caregivers to carefully observe and get help for any child with visible problems. Yet until children reach school age, (unless they are undergoing routine medical...

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