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New York City Head On Collision Lawyer

Head-on collisions are among the most destructive car accidents you’ll ever see since both vehicles are often moving fast upon impact. And if the vehicle airbags fail to deploy, the resulting injuries are more likely to become permanent or require lengthy rehabilitation.

head-on-accident-lawyer Past statistical studies published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that head-on collisions occur most often in rural areas, accounting for roughly thirteen percent (13%) of all fatal crashes. Only about seven percent (7%)of all fatal accidents in urban areas involve frontal crashes.

The most common types of head-on collision injuries are set forth below, followed by a review of the driving errors that often play a role in these deadly accidents.


Head-on Crash Statistics

Before reviewing those facts, here’s a look at what happened in several New York head-on collisions during recent years.

Major trauma, death, and damages often occur in this state’s frontal crashes

  • Summer 2018. Two teenagers were in a deadly head-on crash involving an SUV and a sedan around 6 PM in the evening. One girl was pronounced dead at the scene while the other was sent in critical condition to a nearby hospital;
  • Driver dies in Brooklyn. In late 2017, a man who apparently drove his Nissan Rogue right into the pathway of an oncoming commercial van was killed in the resulting head-on collision;
  • A very deadly 2014 head-on collision caused multiple deaths and injuries. An early Saturday morning head-on crash on Long Island left four people dead and three others injured. Five teenagers were traveling in a 2001 Nissan as it veered into an SUV in the oncoming traffic. The teenager driving the Nissan was among the dead. The two occupants of the SUV suffered serious injuries and were sent to a local hospital.

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Types of Injuries From Head-on Accident

When seat belts and airbags deploy properly, major head and facial injuries are less likely to occur. However, accident survivors frequently report pain in the following parts of their bodies to ER doctors.

  • Torso complaints. Rib fractures often occur in head-on collisions – along with different types of internal organ damage. Tests often reveal harm to the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and spleen. Although fastened seat belts do save lives – they often place tremendous pressure on internal organs;
  • Neck region. Although most serious neck injuries are caused by rear-end crashes, head-on collisions still cause about one-third of this type of damage. When two vehicles hit each other head-on – passengers’ heads often move violently back and forth (or side to side), causing whiplash injuries;
  • Lower leg injuries. Fractured femur bones are common, along with other leg damage. Knees are also often injured when people are suddenly thrust backward and forward;
  • Secondary injuries. Grocery canned goods, textbooks, and other heavy or large items in vehicles often become flying projectiles, inflicting serious trauma to passengers’ faces and bodies during head-on accidents.

Negligent Behaviors That Lead to Head-on Accidents

  • head-on-accident-lawsuit Distracted driving.
    Texting and talking on cell phones are common, along with eating behind the wheel. Other careless people apply make-up while looking into the rearview mirror – or spend too much time looking at their GPS or hard copy maps;
  • Improper passing.
    Too many drivers failed to observe city and highway traffic signs that forbid passing other cars when two yellow lines are on the road – or they knowingly make illegal left turns;
  • Driving the wrong way down a road or highway;
  • Getting behind the wheel while drunk, drugged, or fatigued.
    No one has the right to drive when any type of substance has impaired their senses or dexterity. And more people need to pull over at rest stops when too tired to drive safely;
  • Failing to adapt driving skills to rural roadways.
    Too many Americans speed on country roads, assuming few cops will be out there. This is extremely dangerous since many rural roads are narrow, two-lane highways;
  • Being caught off guard by unique road hazards.
  • Drivers are much more likely to get into head-on collisions when they encounter the unexpected.
    • Deer or other animals – some people hit other vehicles while trying to avoid striking an animal crossing in front of them;
    • Potholes and large cracks in the road;
    • Highway and road repair crew members who may not be wearing brightly colored safety vests. Drivers should always slow down when road workers are present;
    • Lumber, pipes, boxes, or other materials spread across the road after falling off other vehicles;
    • Glass and large pieces of metal remaining after recent accidents.
    • Failing to obey all traffic signs and signals

Get Legal Help For A Head-on Accident:

If you’ve been seriously injured in a head-on collision, you need to immediately contact your New York City personal injury lawyer so we can discuss the facts of your case. We will fully investigate the accident and fight hard to obtain the highest settlement amount (or jury verdict) available to compensate you for all your losses.