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EP 04 S 09: Defense Tricks, How To Beat Them!!!

EP 04 S 09: Defense Tricks, How To Beat Them!!!


In today’s podcast, renowned New York City personal injury trial attorney Arkady Frekhtman breaks down a recent case verdict from Georgia. With a deep dive into the defense attorney’s strategies and tactics, Arkady explains how insurance companies and their legal teams try to devalue cases, specifically focusing on how they question the credibility of the plaintiff.

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He highlights key tactics used by the defense, including casting doubts on the plaintiff’s injuries, insinuating fraud, and raising questions about medical treatments and their cost. Arkady also introduces the concept of the ‘eggshell plaintiff rule,’ emphasizing how everyone, to some extent, enters a case with pre-existing conditions. This informative discussion provides critical insights into the mechanics of personal injury lawsuits and the tactics that both sides may employ.

Frekhtman & Associates specializes in serious and catastrophic injury litigation and are recognized as some of the best personal injury lawyers in the New York City area.

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Defense Tricks, How To Beat Them!!!


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