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Police Brutality Lawsuits and the George Floyd Tragedy


Now that so many Americans have seen the shocking video of George Floyd losing his life while in police custody, the issue of police brutality has leaped out of the shadows again. Sadly, the many past instances of excessive or deadly force used against blacks and others have not helped bring about important legislative and cultural changes, However, Americans are now demanding that Congress and local police organizations immediately end the frequent police misconduct that harms so many blacks and others. Our New York City police brutality law firm remains committed to fighting hard on behalf of every client who has...

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New York Police Brutality Lawyer

NYC Police Brutality & Excessive Force:  Statistics & Real Cases Nearly every month, new cases of potential New York City police brutality or misconduct are reported to authorities, covered by the press or referenced in court filings. While many may never reach the settlement stage before they’re dismissed, dozens of others may eventually wind up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  All too often, public officials state that most claims filed against the NYPD are false or exaggerated – yet no one can make excuses for the terrible damage done to so many people’s lives by the misconduct of such former...

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New York City Sexual Harassment: Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environments

Our federal government describes sexual harassment on its EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) website as behavior that may include making unwanted sexual advances, requesting sexual favors or making comments of a sexual nature. It can also include making negative or offensive comments about a person’s gender. The EEOC also states that the victim and the harasser can be of opposite sexes or of the same sex.  In its brochure entitled “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Know Your Rights,” the New York Attorney General’s Office provides a detailed description of this type of workplace misconduct. Among other facts, it notes that sexual...

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