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Crime and Assault Injuries

Police Brutality Lawsuits and the George Floyd Tragedy


Now that so many Americans have seen the shocking video of George Floyd losing his life while in police custody, the issue of police brutality has leaped out of the shadows again. Sadly, the many past instances of excessive or deadly force used against blacks and others have not helped bring about important legislative and cultural changes, However, Americans are now demanding that Congress and local police organizations immediately end the frequent police misconduct that harms so many blacks and others. Our New York City police brutality law firm remains committed to fighting hard on behalf of every client who has...

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New York City Police Brutality: Its Origins & Key Elements

Police brutality lawyer

American society needs properly trained and responsible police officers to protect the public against crime and other dangerous elements. However, officers are never entitled to abuse their power by using any level of excessive or unreasonable force to manage or control a situation. When excessive force isn’t justified by the surrounding circumstances, a victim can often file a successful claim for police brutality. Acting as government agents, police officers can and should be held responsible for their unlawful actions. Brief review of historical events that likely gave rise to police brutality Whether you consult more conservative sources of information – or more activist-oriented...

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NYC Police Brutality & Excessive Force: Statistics & Real Cases

Police brutality lawyer

Nearly every month, new cases of potential New York City police brutality or misconduct are reported to authorities, covered by the press or referenced in court filings. While many may never reach the settlement stage before they’re dismissed, dozens of others may eventually wind up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. All too often, public officials state that most claims filed against the NYPD are false or exaggerated – yet no one can make excuses for the terrible damage done to so many people’s lives by the misconduct of such former NYPD detectives as Brooklyn’s Louis Carcella. Helping to convict...

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Hospital Sends Bronx, NY Man Home with Bullet Lodged In Neck

  A shooting victim said that NYC hospital sent him home prematurely with a live bullet still lodged in his neck and instructed him to come back 4 days later to get it removed. Ricardo Acevedo was hit with a bullet while replacing a security camera outside a Bronx convenience store. Investigators believe the shots were fired by a youth aiming for someone else. Although doctors at St. Barnabas Hospital treated the wound he was asked to go to an affiliated clinic on Monday to get the bullet removed. Bullets also injured two teenage girls. Police haven't made any arrests in the case so...

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10th Bias Attack in Port Richmond, Staten Island

Staten Island, New York August 1 2010 - According to the police reports, a 17-year-old Mexican boy was assaulted by two teenagers when he was returning after working at Manhattan restaurant at 2:30 in the morning. Authorities have said that this is the 10th biased case on the Staten Island. Police have stated that these two teens robbed $10 from this Mexican boy and then beat him up after shouting anti-Mexican statements. The victim who suffered minor injuries was taken to Richmond University Medical Centre for treatment. At the time of Spanish language mass at St. Mary of the Assumption in Port...

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Man Killed while trying to save brother on J train platform in Queens

Queens, Ny, July 31st 2010 - Police have reported that a 27-year-old man named Dario Pavia was killed while saving his younger brother from a fight that took place at Queens’s subway platform. Police and his relatives said that a group of men were fighting with 20-year-old Khristian at the 85th St.Forest Parkway Station and when Dario Pavia tried to save him, one of the men slit his throat with a knife and he died few hours later in the Jamaica hospital. Victims another brother David Poggi who was very sad and angry with this incident said that his deceased brother was...

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Man Attacked and Stabbed in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New Yor, August 2nd 2010 - According to police and eyewitnesses, on Sunday, 12:10 a.m. in the Fifth Ave. near 12th St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a gang of 20 people beat up  a man to death with tire iron, stabbed and injured the other. Both the men were attacked on the either side of the avenue. The police did not disclose the name of the deceased person but said that he was 22-year old man. The other injured person who was 20 years of age was taken to the Lutheran Hospital where his condition remained stable. The gang of 20...

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Biker shot in head in Queens, NY

Queens, New York - July 25th 2010 - Police and eyewitnesses claim that a 41-year-old John Giampetruzzi was shot dead by a gunman on the footpath of 28th St. near Ditmars Building in Queens on Saturday at around five in the morning. According to the police, the victim had a history of previous conviction and was associated with Hells Angels. 56-year old Phillip Graham saw his body was lying on the footpath embedded with bullets. Neighbors who were eyewitness to this say that the gunman who is still not found came close to the victim, fired several gunshots at his face,...

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Violence at Bronx Intersection Claims 2 Lives

Bronx, New York - July 28th 2010 - The police stated that an unexpected wave of violence at the junction of Jackson Ave. and E. 166th St. in the Bronx has taken the lives of two people in three days. An 18-year-old high school senior and a 33-year-old ex-convict were the two victims who were killed within a feet of each other in Morrisania. A resident named Eric Rosario who was standing at the memorial of student Troynisha Harris said that it is maddening to see such crimes happening near someone’s memorial. This incident happened on a Saturday morning when Harris was sitting...

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Thugs Beat Gradpa to Death in Bronx, NY

Bronx, Ny, 2010-08-01 - Four men murdered an old grandfather named Juan Lopez who belonged to Bronx for a cell phone. According to the police and his family members, he was kicked and punched so hard that he fell unconscious and never recovered. The victim’s wife Evelyn Lopez said that the ruthless men killed him like an animal. She said that he was a very social person who loved to help people. Two children and three grandchildren survive him. This incident happened on 24th of July, when he left home to help his friend shift. As he walked back home...

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