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Update: Technology and Fines Could Be Answer to Stop Repeat of Bus Accident

This is an update on a story we posted about earlier this week. It is being reported that had the coach bus that hit the overpass on Sunday night been a little taller of the overpass been a little lower, there could have been a terrible tragedy. Vehicles often strike Long Island Parkway overpasses, and they are usually trucks whose drivers are not familiar with the area. The Department of Transportation in New York found that over 80 percent of these accidents occur because of incorrect GPS advice. In the bus accident last weekend, there were significant injuries, but everyone survived. There are warning...

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Update: NY Bus Crash was an ‘Avoidable Accident’

This story is an update on a story we reported on earlier this week. On April 8, a bus that was transporting high school students crashed into an overpass. The bus was taking 38 students and 5 chaperones from JFK airport. The bus crashed into an overpass between exits 18 and 19 on the Southern State Parkway outside of Lakeview on Sunday night. All of the people on board were taken to a hospital, and two people were seriously injured. All of the people on board are expected to survive. Investigators are working to figure out who was at fault. Senator Schumer has said...

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Update: Bus Driver Using Noncommercial GPS When Crash Happened

accident new york lawyer Arkady

This update is on a story reported on earlier about a bus crash. The crash led to injury to high school students who were on the bus returning from a spring break trip to Europe. The bus was carrying thirty-eight students and five chaperones; many of the students were from Huntington High School. The bus crashed into a Southern State Parkway overpass on Sunday night. At least two people were seriously injured, and many more sustained minor to moderate injuries, according to State Police. Police have also reported that the driver of the bus was using a “noncommercial vehicle GPS device” when...

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High School Bus Crash Seriously Injures 6

This story is very recent, and if more information becomes available, we will keep you updated. A New York high school bus crash has caused injury to six students who were returning from spring break. A charter bus was carrying teenagers returning from a trip when the bus hit a bridge overpass on Long Island. The incident led to injury for six passengers. The entire length of the top of the bus was mangled after hitting into the overpass. According to police, the incident happened at around 9 at night on Sunday on the Southern State Parkway in Lakeview. Thirty-seven other passengers also...

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School Bus Involved in Brooklyn Crash

bus accident in Brooklyn injures 31

A crash that occurred near the corner of Rockaway Avenue and Eastern Parkway involved a school bus that was carrying children at the time. This information came from the NYPD. The school bus crash happened in Brooklyn and injured over 30 people. A spokesman for the FDNY had this information to give. The bus and another vehicle were the two vehicles involved in the incident. This accident happened at the corner of Rockaway Avenue and Eastern Parkway, and it happened at around 12:45 p.m., said the police. A spokesman for the FDNY said that 31 people sustained injuries and that six of...

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