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Update: Technology and Fines Could Be Answer to Stop Repeat of Bus Accident

Update: Technology and Fines Could Be Answer to Stop Repeat of Bus Accident

This is an update on a story we posted about earlier this week.

It is being reported that had the coach bus that hit the overpass on Sunday night been a little taller of the overpass been a little lower, there could have been a terrible tragedy.

Vehicles often strike Long Island Parkway overpasses, and they are usually trucks whose drivers are not familiar with the area. The Department of Transportation in New York found that over 80 percent of these accidents occur because of incorrect GPS advice.

In the bus accident last weekend, there were significant injuries, but everyone survived.

There are warning signs on the parkway and on the road. The state has been installing a system to warn drivers. There are also GPS systems that provide free lifetime updates on low overpasses. There are also options being proposed to prevent these accidents, including high fines that will ensure that transportation companies wouldn’t risk going that way.

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