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Car Accident Attorney Offers Winter Driving Tips for New York Roads and Freeways

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Now that clear skies often give way to heavy winter rains, snow and sleet, everyone needs to exercise greater caution while traveling on New York roads and freeways. Perhaps the most tip is to only drive on days you must go out – and try to run critical errands on the way home from work or other key destinations. If you’ll also have your car thoroughly “winterized” with new antifreeze, better tires, and upgraded brakes, you’ll remain much safer than most of those you pass by. Here are some helpful driving safety tips provided by our state government, a local daily newspaper,...

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Preventing New York Bus Accidents

Preventing New York Bus Accidents Now that New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, and other state officials are keenly focused on decreasing all transportation-related deaths in the state, fatalities are starting to slowly decline. Mayor de Blasio’s street safety plan, Vision Zero (based on a similar one created in Sweden) is being used to prevent various types of New York City accidents. Governor Cuomo has been directly involved with providing new buses to New York, a number of which will soon be testing new safety technologies. These may eventually lead to an effective pedestrian turn warning...

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