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The Role of Technology in Delivery Truck Accidents

Although properly trained and experienced delivery truck drivers can often limit their highway and road collisions, they still encounter far too many drunk, unlicensed, distracted, and negligent drivers traveling in nearby lanes. These same careful drivers must also regularly contend with older or poorly maintained trucks and other road vehicles that can suddenly malfunction, causing serious or even deadly accidents. To combat these realities, many responsible trucking companies and independent truck drivers install safety technology. This helps alert drivers about their own risky driving habits -- while also helping them minimize their chances of being hit or injured by uniquely dangerous...

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NY Truck Drivers – Critical Training Can Save Lives


Over 3,500 people lost their lives due to distracted driving during 2021. Since professional truck drivers may spend as many as 240 nights a year away from home, they can clearly benefit from annual safety training. Furthermore, the added weight of many New York delivery trucks can often lead to their drivers’ mistakes causing catastrophic or fatal accidents. Fortunately, there are many available online and in-person truck driving safety training programs. All responsible New York employers should provide their delivery truck drivers with the chance to develop better defensive driving skills, while also finding new ways to recognize and decrease their...

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New York Box Delivery Truck Accidents

New York City Box Delivery Truck Accidents

Now that so many Americans are ordering products on the Internet instead of purchasing them at neighborhood stores, the need for box truck deliveries is skyrocketing. Of course, as these box truck drivers search for delivery addresses in crowded urban areas, serious and fatal accidents with pedestrians, cars and cyclists will likely keep increasing. Before briefly reviewing statistics on New York truck accidents, here’s a closer look at specific types of delivery and box trucks – as well as the mistakes their drivers often make that cause so many serious accidents. Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. [table-of-content] Box...

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Since COVID-19 Delivery Trucks Accidents are on the Rise in NYC

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Pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers riding in cars or trucks are in greater danger today of being in serious accidents due to COVID-19 and careless delivery drivers. After all, the pandemic and all the restaurants and stores that are still closed are making it necessary for many Americans to keep ordering food and other goods to be delivered to their homes therefor Delivery Trucks Accidents are on the Rise in NYC. With so many truck and van drivers rushing around to meet employer-imposed deadlines, it is much more dangerous to be outside now than at the same time last year. These days,...

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