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Four Types Of Civil Rights Claims That Can Be Brought Against Police Departments


Although the duties of police officers can be quite difficult and demanding, there is never a valid excuse for handling assigned tasks in an abusive or harassing manner.  Even when people being questioned or arrested become agitated or defensive, professionally trained officers must use the least amount of force necessary to bring them under better control. Chokeholds should never be used and tear gas, tasers and rubber bullets should only be employed when the lives of police officers are directly threatened – or mob violence and looting continue after verbal warnings. Our law firm understands the full range of constitutional rights...

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Police Brutality Lawsuits and the George Floyd Tragedy


Now that so many Americans have seen the shocking video of George Floyd losing his life while in police custody, the issue of police brutality has leaped out of the shadows again. Sadly, the many past instances of excessive or deadly force used against blacks and others have not helped bring about important legislative and cultural changes, However, Americans are now demanding that Congress and local police organizations immediately end the frequent police misconduct that harms so many blacks and others. Our New York City police brutality law firm remains committed to fighting hard on behalf of every client who has...

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New York City Police Brutality Lawyer

Every few weeks, news headlines remind us how often New York City police officers and others around the country are accused of exceeding their authority or blatantly mistreating different suspects. While being a police officer is a very demanding job, citizens still have the right to hold law enforcement accountable when their constitutional or civil rights are violated. Although some police misconduct is relatively minor, other incidents constitute gross abuse of power. For example, during September of 2017, two Brooklyn police officers apparently raped an 18-year-old woman. The district attorney’s office has now filed an indictment against the two men that...

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Police Brutality in NYC: Understanding the Different Levels of Force Allowed

Unfortunately, the number of alleged cases of New York City police misconduct and brutality have risen in recent years, although this trend unfolded after a period of greater stability. In some ways, everyone is now on edge. Citizens are afraid that even the slightest misstep could result in the use of excessive force that might result in death. And when residents are worried about their safety, they’re far less likely to report some crimes or report witnessing dangerous events in their neighborhoods. What exactly constitutes excessive force? Stated simply, it’s using more force in a situation than what was necessary or...

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New York City False Arrest:  A Common Form of Police Misconduct

Given the recent increase in NYPD misconduct claims, different research groups are looking for new ways to gain better control of this problem. One group has suggested that we stop providing the NYPD and other police departments with the privilege of internally investigating all their own misconduct claims. At present, roughly seventy-nine percent (79%) of Americans would prefer having independent agencies handle this critical task. Hopefully, a new approach will help decrease the numerous claims of false arrest, police brutality, false imprisonment and other wrongful police activities that infringe upon people’s constitutional rights. False arrests have now escalated to the point...

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New York Police Brutality Lawyer

NYC Police Brutality & Excessive Force:  Statistics & Real Cases Nearly every month, new cases of potential New York City police brutality or misconduct are reported to authorities, covered by the press or referenced in court filings. While many may never reach the settlement stage before they’re dismissed, dozens of others may eventually wind up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  All too often, public officials state that most claims filed against the NYPD are false or exaggerated – yet no one can make excuses for the terrible damage done to so many people’s lives by the misconduct of such former...

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