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EP 07 S 06: Burn Injury Attorneys Discuss Fire in Bronx Apartment Building

Trial Stories Podcast

At least 17 people, including eight children, are dead after a five-alarm fire in a residential high-rise building in the Bronx on Sunday, Was It Preventable? Investment Portfolio v. People's Lives [buzzsprout episode='9868456' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript Good morning, everyone. This is Arkady Frekhtman, a New York personal injury trial attorney coming to you on Monday, January 10th. And recently this past weekend in New York City, we had a tragedy, a fire in the Bronx claimed 19 lives, including nine children with 60 people injured. And as an attorney,...

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How To Maximize Your Fire Safety In Your New York Apartment Building

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The threat of a massive apartment fire is always present. In fact, in April 2021, about 300 firefighters battled a terrible blaze in a New York City apartment building in the Jackson Heights section of Queens. An NBC news story states that while there were only limited, initial reports of any injuries, thick black smoke was seen rising from the 8-alarm fire that took nearly 12 hours to bring under full control. Ninety (90) families lost their homes in this blaze. Eager to seek refuge in rescue shelters after these events, many survivors do not immediately recognize all their physical injuries. ...

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New York City Fires:  Still A Danger Though Numbers Are Dropping

Few events pose as much deadly danger as large industrial fires and those that ravage our private homes and apartment buildings. Fortunately, this city is now seeing a decline in annual fires. A January 9, 2017 New York Times article states that fire deaths in this city are now at their lowest in more than one hundred years. While even one death remains a tragedy, we only had 48 people die in fires in 2016. You must go back to 1970 when 310 people died in New York City to find the highest number of annual fire deaths during the past...

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Fire Accident Attorney Discusses Smoke Inhalation as a Cause of Serious Injury or Death in Industrial and Home Fires

Fire Accident Attorney

Victims of a fire not only suffer unbearable pain but also severe emotional trauma. Many people who survive fires live through an excruciating burn injury recovery process and require around the clock care. If you or your loved one has been the victim of a fire or explosion, an experienced fire, explosion and burn injury lawyer can help you. Fires and explosions can result from a number of negligent behaviors of building managers, contractors, landlords, product manufactures or any other party. There can be various reasons that a fire occurs including- Faulty wiring Improperly installed electrical lines Lack of smoke detectors ...

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New York Burn Injury Lawyer Discusses Avoiding Flammable Phone Batteries, E-Cigarettes, and Hoverboards

During the past year, far too many high-profile and popular products have been in the news because they can suddenly catch fire and seriously injure or even threaten people’s lives explains a New York burn injury lawyer at the F&A accident law firm. They include the Samsung Note 7 Phone, hoverboards, and e-cigarettes. If you still own or use any of these products, stop using them immediately and visit each manufacturer’s website to find out if any replacement products or batteries are now available. While some of these items may still be safe, others can seriously harm you – or...

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