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New York Construction Accident Lawyers


Need Help Finding The Best New York Construction Accident Lawyer? Every day construction workers go to work in the morning wanting to earn their salary in exchange for an honest day's work. Unfortunately, many general contractors and construction site owners fail to abide by safety rules endangering workers. A new york construction accident lawyer familiar with the New York Labor Law statutes as well as workers' comp can truly help the injured construction worker. Construction work is dangerous and work sites throughout New York City can be hazardous. For this reason, NY law protects workers, especially from elevation or gravity-related accidents. The trial lawyers at the...

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Scaffolding Accidents

scaffolding accident lawyer

Need Help After A Scaffold Accident In New York City? Each year construction workers are injured in accidents involving scaffolding. An expert construction accident attorney or scaffold accident lawyer is vital for analyzing and prosecuting a New York scaffold accident and obtaining maximum compensation. Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. New York Labor Law 240 is sometimes called the scaffold law even though it applies to gravity-related incidents at construction sites and covers different types of NYC construction work. Scaffolding injuries are just one type of covered activity under Labor Law 240, a statute intended to protect the...

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Construction Accidents Lawyers

New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

Injured in a Construction Accident in New York City? If you or a family member have been injured at a New York construction site either as a construction worker or bystander, you’re probably feeling excruciating pain and receiving huge medical bills. You want the employer, landlord, contractors, and their insurance companies to pay for your bills and compensate you for the injuries you suffered. Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. But they and their insurance company will hire investigators, doctors, and lawyers to defend their own interests so they can save their money by not paying you for...

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Queens Construction Accident Lawyers

Injured In A Construction Accident In Queens? With the rise of development in Queens, construction accidents are also on the rise with construction workers’ safety in danger. A construction accident may involve a fall from a ladder or scaffold. A worker may also be struck by a falling object which is part of the construction job.  In recent years, Queens construction sites have stayed busy erecting multiple skyscrapers and handling demolition projects and building alterations. [table-of-content]   Various Types of Construction Equipment Pose Serious Risks of Injuries Potential dangers always exist since construction projects require many different types of heavy earth-moving equipment including excavators, bulldozers,...

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Construction Worker died in Scaffolding Accident

A 38-year-old man, Miguel Rodriguez died in a scaffolding accident at the Morningside Heights construction site on Thursday. The victim fell five stories to his death when his scaffolding collapsed. He was wearing a safety harness, but it was not tethered to the building. Malik Hussain, 26, who is the owner of Classic Painting & Restoration Inc., told city officials probing the death that there was a rigging foreman present at the Morningside Heights site, a safety measure required by law, the Department of Investigation said. The construction site was being supervised by a bogus foreman, Jinal Patel (aged 23) who lacked the...

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Brooklyn Scaffold Accident Lawyers

Scaffolds are an integral part of a construction project allowing workers to work at the properly designated height on the exterior of a structure. However, scaffolds often lead to serious accidents and injuries when not properly set up, maintained, and erected. The Brooklyn scaffold accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm are action driven trial lawyers with a passion to prosecute construction accident lawsuits quickly through the court system to obtain maximum results. Causes of Scaffold Accidents Poor scaffold erection, set up, and or construction. Workers using the wrong type of construction equipment for the job being performed including the...

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