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New York Wheelchair Injury Compensation Amounts

Although all New York City pedestrians should constantly scan their surroundings and the sidewalk and street surfaces they’re crossing, people traveling in wheelchairs must be even more vigilant. If they even briefly fail to keep checking traffic signs and signals, they’re far more likely to get hit while trying to cross busy streets or congested intersections. And if they are struck and injured, these disabled New Yorkers often face greater hurdles to receiving fair settlement or compensation amounts. For example, if you’ve been hurt badly in a wheelchair accident, recovering the lower wages often paid to the disabled may not go...

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The Transport Wheelchair – A Helpful Option for the Disabled & Others


Although many of the disabled and those with temporary mobility issues often use regular wheelchairs, a lightweight transport chair can offer a better solution for short trips to medical appointments or pleasure outings. Designed so that caregivers can push them, these chairs can be quickly folded up and easily stored in a car trunk or backseat. In fact, many transport wheelchairs only weigh between 18 and 25 pounds. However, a few may weigh closer to 32 pounds to benefit patients who weigh up to 400 pounds. Transport chairs are now becoming more popular among those who get too winded when walking...

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