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Car Accident Lawyers : Here Protecting Your Best Interests.

Car Accident Lawyers : Here Protecting Your Best Interests.

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident?  If you think you don’t need a lawyer, think again.

2014 saw, “32,675 people [killed] in motor vehicle crashes on U.S. roadways.”  And, “An additional 2.3 million people [injured] in crashes in 2014.” (2014 Crash Data Key Findings (DOT HS 812 219).  2015 data through the first 9 months shows an increase in these numbers.

Data includes all types of motor vehicle crashes and is not specifically broken down into ‘car’ crashes.  Obviously, these numbers are frightening, however, most people drive throughout the day without thinking about it. Like most people, you probably think it’ll never happen to you.

The word ‘accident’ is somewhat misleading in its meaning.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses the word ‘crash’ to describe what actually happens in a vehicle collision.

If we unfortunately experience crashing into another vehicle, we probably believe it happens accidentally.  Everyone asks questions of who’s at fault and who is to blame.  Do insurance companies decide this for us?

Insurance companies advise drivers not to make statements in front of other drivers or witnesses.  They prefer a written police report in determining fault.  Consequently, for your protection the best course of action is to immediately call the police.

After police arrive on the scene of a crash, their first priority is helping injured persons and providing needed medical care. If you are in an accident but don’t think you’re injured at the time, you may realize it latter.  It’s best to tell police of any possible injury you may have because sometimes it takes days before showing up.  Therefore, reporting possible injuries right away is better than wishing you had in the future.

Police look for any violations of traffic laws causing the accident.  In most cases, drivers have made some type of mistake causing the accident. Furthermore, mechanical equipment malfunctions contributing to an accident are the driver or the owner’s responsibility to fix before a crash.  The police determine causes better than we can.  Don’t handle all these considerations on your own.  Let experts handle it.

Insure you receive proper treatment and any possible compensation for injuries or damage to property by calling an expert for help. A car accident lawyer is here for your best interests.  Protect yourself in an accident, don’t let the other drivers or insurance companies take advantage of you. Please contact us for advice and help.