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New York personal injury lawyer seeks to help individuals injured due to winter storms

New York personal injury lawyer seeks to help individuals injured due to winter storms

Although to date Winter in New York has been mild, we are expecting a snow storm to blanket the east coast this weekend. Going into January to March, winter should bring with it mountains of snow, slippery roads, and damaging winds. It may shut down various activities, including school and transportation, and pose numerous hazards to people, especially those who found themselves outdoors.

If you’ve suffered an accident during this severe winter storm, what are your options for insurance coverage? If another party’s negligence contributed to the accident, would it be advisable to pursue a civil suit?

Three possible accident types

Vehicular collisions. Even before the storm climbed to peak intensity and officials imposed various travel bans, road conditions were dangerous. You might have suffered a vehicular accident in conditions of slippery roadways and poor visibility. Perhaps it was a single vehicle accident, or maybe it involved other drivers. Regardless, you have to consider the extent to which driver carelessness contributed to the accident along with the poor weather.

Slips and falls. One of the major risks of winter weather are slips and falls. Falling, especially on hard pavement, can result in serious damage to the body, including traumatic brain injuries and hip fractures. Although seniors are at an especially high risk of ground-level falls and may face more serious setbacks during the recovery period, a nasty can lead to devastating effects for anyone.

Employee accidents. As the storm raged on, and in the aftermath, you might have had to carry out various job duties that put you at a risk. If you suffer an accident on the job, you deserve compensation to help you cope with your injuries and the loss of work. It’s also important to look into whether your employer took sufficient care with your safety.

Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced New York injury lawyer after an accident. Major winter storms are destructive and dangerous. If you suffer from their effects, you might need legal assistance to cope with the costs.