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New York City Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Since 1999, New Yorkers have been turning to the catastrophic injury lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates to help them recover maximum compensation. Specializing in serious and catastrophic injury litigation, the our law firm works tirelessly to build the strongest case possible to present to a jury achieving top verdicts and settlements. According to the New York State Department of Health, injuries constitute the main cause of death for New Yorkers aged 1-34. Not only this, but they are also among the top causes of death in other age groups. Actually, up to 7,000 New Yorkers die every year because of injuries. This...

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New York City Dog Bite Lawyer


An owner is liable for dog bites and or attacks by their animal especially when the dog has previously exhibited violent behavior or vicious propensities such as gnarling, baring teeth, growling, and lunging at people. Damages in dog bite cases are usually paid by homeowners insurance. Over sixty percent of dog bite cases involve child victims. Dog attacks can leave emotional and physical scars. Our firm works closely with medical doctors, psychologists, and plastic surgery experts. Often surgery is needed to repair damaged tissues and minimize scarring. Most pet owners in the city are conscientious and treat their pets like members of...

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EP06 S04: Slip Fall Lawyers $525,000 In A Snow & Ice Sidewalk Fall

Trial Stories Podcast

After a two-week trial, a $525,000.00 result in a snow and ice sidewalk slip and fall in Brooklyn New York. [buzzsprout episode='8506406' player='true'] Pick Your Favorite Channel: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RSS Full Transcript: Hi everybody. My name is Arkady Frekhtman and I'm a trial lawyer at the F&A Injury Lawyers here in Brooklyn, New York. Back in New York, our office gave me good news. We had a slip and fall case on snow and ice. And over here, as you can see, there's plenty of snow and a lot of ice, but unfortunately if you fall over...

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Manhattan Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Verdicts for Spinal Discectomy

The Manhattan spinal cord injury lawyers at the F&A injury law firm specializing in litigating these serious life-changing injury cases from client intake to jury trial. A spinal cord injury is a catastrophic trauma that can relegate a healthy individual to a wheelchair. The spinal cord is made up of the spinal column and intervertebral discs. Each disc has a nucleus containing disc material surrounded by numerous walls. The entire spinal cord is surrounded by nerve roots. [table-of-content] Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries Various types of spinal trauma can lead to disc protrusions, severed spinal cord, disc injuries, vertebral injuries, and other types...

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New York City Fracture Injury Lawyer

A fracture is the common medical term for a broken bone. There are different types of fractures that may happen after an accident or trauma. How do bone fractures occur? Common fractures following trauma are the shoulder (humerus), leg (tibia or fibula), wrist, vertebral fracture of the spine (example C3-4), or foot fracture (metatarsal bones). Medical treatment for any type of fracture normally consists of emergency medical attention by bringing the patient to the hospital for immediate care by ambulance. X-rays are usually used to diagnosis the fracture or to identify if a bone is bruised or otherwise damaged but not broken....

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Injury Lawyers on Caring for the Injured

If someone you know was injured because of a negligent act, you may be suffering along with them. However, here are some tips from injury lawyers on how to best care for the injured. Encourage your loved one to get medical treatment. Treatment not only allows the injured to improve their physical and mental condition, but it also serves to prove their condition's severity. Even though you may not have much money available (especially if the injured was the bread-winner and cannot work), the injured needs to seek treatment to get better and get a fair and equitable settlement. Help the injured with...

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How Will My Burn Injuries Be Treated?

How Will My Burn Injuries Be Treated-lawyer

Burn injuries are among the most painful challenges our clients must face. They often occur as the result of workplace accidents and vehicle collisions. Other burns may be caused by defective equipment or products that overheat (or catch on fire) and then burn people. If you’ve suffered serious burn injuries due to another person’s negligence, our firm will fight hard to help you win the full compensation you deserve to cover all your medical expenses and other losses. How common are burn injuries? American Burn Organization statistics reveal that during one recent year, there were 3,390 civilian deaths due to fires. Of...

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Whiplash Car Accident Case Values Can Vary Greatly

whiplash injury lawyer new york

Whiplash Car Accident Case Values Can Vary Greatly Far too many people suffer painful whiplash injuries due to car accidents caused by others. Distracted driving has become so common, it’s a wonder that most of us safely reach our destinations. Fortunately, most of us are can obtain proper treatment. Yet as our healing continues, we often start asking about the settlement value of our cases.  Once our law firm receives copies of a client’s medical and billing records from their treating doctors, we can then try to provide an educated guess regarding the possible value of each case. However, before that stage...

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Settlement Values for Shoulder Injury Lawsuits Can Vary Widely

Shoulder injury Lawyer

After sustaining any major bodily injury, it’s natural to wonder if you should file a lawsuit and what sum of money might be offered to you to settle the case. While we can readily help you determine if the facts of your case will support a lawsuit, we cannot always provide an accurate “best guess” regarding a recovery amount until your doctors have provided all of the initial treatments, a long-term prognosis for your overall condition and submitted all their bills. Should surgeries be recommended – or long-term physical therapy sessions, we must then wait to see how successful these prove...

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