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Personal Injury Lawyer discusses Pedestrian Parking Lot Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyer discusses Pedestrian Parking Lot Accidents

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Parking lots are dangerous because they mix cars and pedestrians together, yet are neither streets nor sidewalks. They lack the traffic control and intensive law enforcement of streets and highways, and unlike sidewalks, they don’t isolate the pedestrian from motor vehicle traffic. Painted lines and stop signs are in place to direct and control motor vehicles, but drivers can freely ignore them without fearing consequences.

In addition to this imperfect arrangement, the slow speed of traffic lulls both drivers and pedestrians into a false sense of security. Drivers are distracted by their cell phones while looking for parking spaces, and pedestrians are on their cell phones while looking for their cars. Collision avoidance between cars and pedestrians often occurs as a last second reaction. Parking lot slip, trip, and fall accidents are yet another hazard faced by pedestrians.

Accidents Caused by Drivers

  • Cars backing out of parking spaces. Drivers in a hurry may start backing out before looking behind them. This endangers any pedestrians immediately behind the car. Sometimes this occurs when the driver’s view is blocked by large vehicles parked on either side. The elderly and very young suffer the worst injuries from this because of their frailty.
  • Aggressive drivers. Many aggressive drivers don’t limit their bad driving to the roads and highways. They may drive too fast or place too much focus on beating other motorists to parking spaces. They may ignore painted lines in order to take the most direct route. Sometimes this direct route takes them between two parked cars.

Accidents Caused by Parking Lot Owner Neglect or Poor Management

  • Poor pavement condition. Large cracks, potholes, and slippery pavement from excessive grease and oil buildup may cause slip, trip, and fall accidents.
  • Insufficient upkeep during the winter. The lack of timely snow and ice removal during business hours may cause fall injuries.
  • Poor lighting. Poor lighting at night also contributes to slip, trip, and fall accidents and encourages crime.

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in a parking lot because you were hit by a car or suffered from a fall, get the legal help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who can get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at Frekhtman & Associates.