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Pedestrian Accidents

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents in the Bronx


Bronx pedestrians face serious hazards while traveling down city sidewalks. Speeding vehicles can jump curbs and hit them or collide with those who are simply crossing the street. Even teens and adults riding scooters or bicycles on sidewalks can cause tragic harm. Although some studies indicate that Brooklyn still reports the most annual pedestrian accidents, Bronx residents and those living in every borough must always walk around with great caution, especially at night. Fatal pedestrian accidents still occur each year On January 13, 2024, a Bronx pedestrian accident proved fatal to a 53-year-old woman simply trying to cross the street at the intersection...

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Average Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Settlement Values

Kneed injury lawyers

Possible Case Values for Clients Who May Require Arthroscopic Knee Surgery In our extensive research, we have discovered that average arthroscopic knee surgery settlements display a noteworthy range, varying from below $30,000 to surpassing $2,500,000. This wide spectrum underscores the significance of individual case factors in determining compensation values. Amounts between $120,000 to $250,000 can also occur when a child is hit by a vehicle or when an adult suffers a terrible slip-and-fall injury that leads to a total knee replacement.  When our firm first meets with new clients, our lawyers always explain that it can be very difficult to provide early...

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A Comprehensive Guide To Pedestrian Safety in New York City


Introduction Long ago, most pedestrians just worried about carefully crossing streets at busy intersections or making sure they never jaywalked. Today, they must remain far more vigilant as they walk down streets since so many cars, scooters, and trucks sometimes jump curbs and hit pedestrians. Hopefully, this article’s content will help remind you of the types of pedestrian dangers you must constantly guard against -- so you can move about safely while walking down city streets. After first reviewing some recent Bronx and other New York City accidents, the materials below will also address who can be sued in many pedestrian accidents,...

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MTA Driver Arrested for Hitting Pedestrian While Driving Drunk

On April 27, an intoxicated MTA bus driver was arrested. The driver, Raquel James, was driving while drunk along Rockaway Parkway and Winthrop Street in Brooklyn. This happened at around 3 in the morning. While driving, he hit a female pedestrian. This information comes from the police. James was taken into custody. He has been charged with multiple charges including vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated, and more. The extent of the injuries to the pedestrian is not known at this time. If we learn any more details about this accident, we will keep you posted. This is an emerging story. If you’ve been seriously...

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Safety tips that all New York City pedestrians should regularly review to avoid accidents


After struggling to survive a New York City pedestrian accident with a motor vehicle, most people wonder if they can obtain justice and be reasonably compensated for all their harms and losses. Rest assured that our law firm’s twenty + years of experience handling cases like yours will help us build the strongest case possible. If we cannot secure a generous settlement amount for you – we will take your case to court where we will try to win the maximum compensation available. The F&A pedestrian accident lawyers have offices in Brooklyn including Bensonhurst and Bedford Stuyvesant, the Bronx, Manhattan...

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What To Do If You Had A Trip And Fall Accident

What to do if you had a trip and fall accident

1. If you are injured, call an ambulance from the scene of the accident and go to the hospital. Don't leave the scene. One of the most frequent defenses raised by insurance companies is that the accident did not happen in the manner alleged or in the location alleged. Having an EMS crew arrived at the exact spot you fell and document it in their report will help prevent such arguments by the defendants. 2. Take photographs of your injuries including bruises, scarring, and casts or braces. Take photographs of the location where you fell and the defective condition that caused...

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Hoverboard Injury Lawyers Discuss Their Case on NBC TV News – Trial Lawyer Interviewed

Hoverboard Situation Last week the Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) has officially issued a recall for over half a million hoverboards explain NYC hoverboard injury lawyers. Consequently, after a long and thorough investigation into the safety of hoverboards, the Commission found that the scooter’s batteries may overheat leading to a possible fire or explosion. Nearly one hundred incidents have been reported throughout the United States of hoverboards erupting in flames, exploding, catching fire, or emanating smoke. These claims include both personal injury and property damage. The CPSC has explicated said the hoverboards that are the subject of the recall had design flaws...

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Falling Debris Accidents Pose Serious Threat to NYC Pedestrian Safety


Falling Debris Accidents Pose Serious Threat to NYC Pedestrian Safety For decades, most New York City pedestrians have assumed that being hit by a vehicle while crossing the street was the biggest danger they faced. Unfortunately, the December 2019 death of New York City architect Erica L. Tishman put everyone on notice that falling building debris can suddenly take the life of any pedestrian. Ms. Tishman was walking near her office on the southeast corner of 49th Street and Seventh Avenue when a piece of loose terra cotta fell from a building – hitting her on the head and killing her. As...

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Far Too Many Pedestrian Accidents Keep Happening in NYC

Pedestrian Accident lawyer NYC

Far Too Many Pedestrian Accidents Keep Happening in NYC The latter part of 2019 proved to be just as dangerous for pedestrians as the earlier part of that same year. In fact, during one 72-hour period, six pedestrians were killed – four of them by commercial truck drivers. Despite the city’s efforts to decrease all traffic accidents and fatalities under the Vision Zero program, there appears to be ongoing fluctuation in the high number of people dying on New York City streets each year.  The only truly redeemable part of the 2019 statistics indicated that there were fewer traffic deaths for the...

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Falling Object Accidents Expose Workers and Innocent Bystanders To Grave Risks

In New York City’s boroughs and beyond, falling objects repeatedly threaten the safety and well-being of innocent bystanders and workers alike. The region is one of the most densely populated in the entire country, and the prevalence of high-rise structures increases gravity-related accidents. Sometimes, larger objects like crane booms fall to the ground, resulting in injury and/or death. For example, in February 2016, a boom crashed to the ground in TriBeCa, killing a man from the Upper West Side. Smaller objects can also severely injure private citizens and workers, particularly when they fall large distances. Case Study: Falling Hammock On Tuesday, April 25,...

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