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Insurance Scam/Fraud

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claim Attorney

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claim Lawyers - Frekhtman & Associates represent victims of Hurricane Sandy Damage. If your insurance claim has been wrongly denied then do call us at (855) SANDY 911. On October 29th, 2012, super storm Sandy ripped across the East Coast of the United States leaving in her aftermath up to $50 billion in damages. These damages include flooding, loss of property, damage to property, business interruption, power outages, and other destruction brought on by Hurricane Sandy. If this super storm has caused serious damage to you, your family, or loved ones, there are important issues to consider and vital...

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Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Help

Insurance firms are private businesses who are in this business to make money by collecting premium installments from you, their policyholders. However when it comes time to pay for a catastrophic event such as Sandy, the insurance firms point to policy language loopholes, exemptions, and try to squeeze the pay out since it is in their financial interest to do so. Having an attorney on your side will help even the playing field. Don’t allow the insurance firms to delay or deny your claim. Never accept a low monetary award when you may be entitled to much more. If you are...

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Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Lawyers

Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Lawyers - Frekhtman Associates represent victims of Hurricane Sandy. If your insurance has been denied our planning to file for an insurance claim then do call us at (855) NYC SAND. Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast of the United States on Monday October 29, 2012. The disastrous storm caused roughly $50 billion in damage. Individuals and businesses (close to NY region) have suffered major loses and now filing claims for damages, property damages, business interruptions and other insurance claims. Frekhtman & Associates Law Firm represents homeowners and businesses along the East Coast of the U.S. that suffered damage...

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Social Networking and your Personal Injury Claim in New York

If you are injured and seeking compensation then you have to aware of various issues involved in the compensation claim process. There are several instances where insurance companies use underhand tactics in order to devoid victims of their insurance claim. The latest tool used by insurance companies can be your Facebook or even Orkut account. In the past few year’s Social Networking websites such as Facebook and Orkut have gained significant popularity. People regularly throng these websites to post information about themselves, photos or even videos. These websites are proving as modern age social clubs where people can update each other...

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Worst Insurance Fraud Companies in USA : Update by New York Lawyer

It is observed that personal injury victims from automobile accidents, slip and fall cases are often contacted by “helpful” investigators who are generally more “concerned” with your compensation amount rather than the injury. These investigators are often hired by Insurance companies within New York City and they simply pretend to “help” you or “assist you”. However you should not fall prey to them and they will make sure to destroy your case even before filing a personal injury claim. Most of the insurance companies remain at loggerheads with us because they try to devoid you of the legitimate claims. Or else,...

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