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Social Networking and your Personal Injury Claim in New York

Social Networking and your Personal Injury Claim in New York

If you are injured and seeking compensation then you have to aware of various issues involved in the compensation claim process. There are several instances where insurance companies use underhand tactics in order to devoid victims of their insurance claim.

The latest tool used by insurance companies can be your Facebook or even Orkut account. In the past few year’s Social Networking websites such as Facebook and Orkut have gained significant popularity. People regularly throng these websites to post information about themselves, photos or even videos. These websites are proving as modern age social clubs where people can update each other about their daily life.

Accident victims who initiate legal actions often make claims that their lives have changed due to the accident. These victims complain of pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and being unable to enjoy their daily activities. They also complain how their life has changed after the accident.

Previously, insurance companies used to ask for various documents and medical records in order to confirm the accuracy of claim made by an accident victim. However, in the past few months insurance companies have started focusing their attention towards these modern age social media networks to get all the information which can be used against the victim. They are less concerned about the injuries and more focused on nullifying a claim regardless of the injuries suffered.

Insurance companies are investigating content of people’s Facebook and Myspace pages to keep close tabs on the victim’s daily life.  If you are seriously injured then you must make sure never to upload any content which can be used against you in the court. Insurance companies can also get legal permission to scramble information from your online profile.

Take for example, a victim claims that he/she was seriously injured in an auto accident and alleges that he/she is not able to participate in social activities; yet there will be numerous photographs/videos posted on the Facebook profile page which shows videos of the accident victim riding bikes, and enjoying in clubs etc.

Therefore in order to protect yourself, you should take down your Facebook page. You should not allow insurer any opportunity to dig for information which can be used against you in the court.

If you are a victim of accident injury and seeking justice then you must speak with your lawyer. Your lawyer will help you steer clear of any complications arising out of your personal injury claim or insurance claim.