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Total Knee Replacement Surgery

How Much A Knee Injury Case Worth?

how much their knee injury cases are worth

Many of our clients suffer serious knee injuries due to major car accidents or falls at work. Once they are accurately diagnosed, they must then undergo surgery or extensive rehabilitative treatments. As these people cope with all the pain and difficulties caused by these injuries, our firm understands that they will start wondering how much their knee injury cases are worth. In other words, how much money they might be offered during settlement negotiations – or after their case goes to trial. For this reason, sample knee injury settlement amounts are discussed below. However, before discussing the settlement value of many...

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Total Knee Replacement After an Accident at Work

knee injury lawyer

No matter what industry you work in, there is likely to be some aspect that is hard on your knees. Whether you are a construction worker that fell off scaffolding or a kitchen worker that slipped on a wet floor, no matter how you got the injury or what job you have, knee injuries cause great difficulty. A knee injury can very easily impede your ability to work for the rest of your life. Furthermore, after an evaluation, your doctor may recommend total knee replacement after an accident if your knee injury is severe. This type of surgery is an...

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