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Electric Bike And Scooter Accidents

How To React In Case Of Electric Skateboard Or Electric Scooter Accident In NYC

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During recent years, nearly everyone in New York City has seen someone race by while riding an e-scooter or an electric skateboard. While these devices may look like they are fun to ride, too many people are being seriously injured or killed due to their careless usage. As the accidents referenced below indicate, new legislation is needed to help better regulate these odd forms of transportation that are making our streets far too dangerous. Unfortunately, balance is not an easy skill to teach to some people. This is especially true when riders must maintain balance on a small device while often...

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What To Do In Case Of Scooter Or Electric Bike Accidents In New York

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Even before the pandemic, electric bikes (or e-bikes) and scooters had become very popular in New York and elsewhere around the country. Yet despite the reasonably short learning curve required to ride them safely, electric bike crashes and scooter accidents have become too frequent – and sometimes deadly. In fact, in June of 2021, the popular film and stage actor, Lisa Banes (age 65), died after an careless man on a scooter sped right through a red light before hitting her. She then died of her head injuries within 10 days. What made the accident even worse was that after this...

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