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Semi Truck Accidents

Semi Truck Accident Attorney: Driving Habits Are a Big Predictor of Future Accidents

There are many causes of semi truck accidents, such as driver inexperience and mechanical failure. Among the top causes, however, is force of habit explains a New York semi truck accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. Truck drivers who habitually commit traffic violations such as making improper lane changes will continue to do so until they lose their job from accruing too many traffic tickets or causing an accident. These are drivers who have the skill but not the inclination to drive safely. Some drivers automatically react to specific situations in a dangerous way while others do so...

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NYC Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses The Deadly Nature of Truck and Car Accidents

At their maximum allowed weight of 80,000 pounds, semi trucks are the behemoths of the road. Unfortunately, this fact isn't fully appreciated by many of the motorists who share the road with them. The enormous weight of semi trucks increases their stopping distance, and their high center of gravity makes them vulnerable to tipping over. A fully loaded trailer is top-heavy, and the truck driver that doesn't drive extra slow on curves can tip over explains a New York City truck accident lawyer. When the trailer is empty, it risks tipping over from strong wind gusts. Without cargo weight to hold it down,...

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Semi Truck Accident Attorney Examines the Effect of GPS on Truck Driver Safety

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For trucking companies, quick cargo deliveries are essential for staying competitive. This is why GPS technology is such a boon to the industry. It allows the truck driver to find shorter routes and bypass congestion caused by rush hour traffic and road construction. However, according to a New York semi truck accident attorney, its use has contributed to many serious accidents in a number of ways: GPS Distracts the Truck Driver Route finding is a driving distraction that is a necessary "evil" in that it takes the mind off of driving yet is absolutely essential. Going to a destination for the first...

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Injury Attorney answers the question: Why Retain A Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents wreak havoc on those involved explains Arkady Frekhtman, a truck accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm in New York City with offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. You don't have to handle your accident alone. You should contact a well-qualified truck accident lawyer immediately. A truck accident lawyer has the knowledge and experience to identify the relevant facts and law that is on your side in order to get you the maximum award possible. Truck accidents are generally much more complex than other motor vehicle accidents. Handling your case without an attorney is a bad idea for...

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