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An Insight on New York State (NYS) Personal Injury Law

An Insight on New York State (NYS) Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law provides compensation for personal injury victims. Personal injury law provides compensation if victim has suffered injuries and trauma due to negligence of some individual or authority. If you are involved in a personal injury accident then personal injury law will provide you all the necessary help you require.

Personal injury law provides compensation in variety of injury cases which includes dog bites, nursing home abuse, car accident, truck accident and several others including medical malpractice by your surgeon or some medical authority. You can also file a personal injury compensation claim against the state authorities like New York State Transport Department, Health Department and others.

Some of the terms which are often referred in personal injury law readings and procedures are as given below:-


Negligence can be termed as failure to act and/or react in the reasonable way which resulted in an unintended injury to another party. A person may be found negligible if he/she did not take caution and prudence which is required under a given circumstance. For example, truck driver who is driving under influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). If this results in a fatal accident where some smaller vehicle owner received serious injuries then the truck driver or the company will be held responsible for their negligent behavior. This type of negligent behavior ends up in an accident or injury incurred upon another person or party.

Comparative Negligence

In this type of negligence both the parties are found negligent which contributed to the unfortunate accident or injury. If any personal injury falls within this category, the allowable amount of compensation or damages is consequently reduced.

Contributory Negligence

In contributory negligence cases, the injured party can only receive compensation if it is proved that he/she was injured in part due to his/her own negligence. Therefore the victim’s negligence contributed to the accident. Under this rule, a badly injured person who was found slightly negligent could not win compensation against a very negligent defendant. For example, a pedestrian crossing a road carelessly and gets hit by a bus driver who is also driving carelessly.


Torts are civil wrongs which are recognized by personal injury law as grounds for a filing a lawsuit. These wrongs which were responsible for the injuries constitute the basis for a claim by the injured party.

Some torts are punishable as crimes with possible imprisonment. However, the primary purpose of tort law is to provide medical or financial relief for the victim of personal injury and also to deter others from committing the same actions.

Slip and fall

Fall injuries are one of the major causes of personal injuries. If you are an owner of a property then you are responsible to provide help to the fall injury victim (on your property) and subsequent treatment of injury. In order to avoid fall injury liabilities, property owners should periodically check on their property to maintain utmost safety within the premises of their property.

The purpose of Personal injury law is to protect the victim and provide all the necessary medical and financial help. If you or your loved ones have been a victim of personal injury then you could be eligible for injury compensation under New York personal injury law.

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