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Accident in Long Island City

We always want to bring you current stories about accidents in New York. As we bring you current stories, sometimes there will only be a few details known about the incident. We will report on initial information as we want people in the area to know what's going on so they can avoid problem areas. If we find out more information about a particular accident, we will keep you posted. There was an accident that was reported in Long Island City on April 26. The incident was said to have started at around 4 in the afternoon. It occurred at 60th...

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Accident in North Bergen

We always want to bring you current stories related to accident news in New York. As we seek to do this, we will often bring initial accident reports to you. These reports are emerging and often only contain a few details about a crash. As more information becomes available about these accidents, we will keep you posted. These initial reports are meant to give people information who in the area. This way they can avoid problem areas where accidents have occurred. We want to keep you posted and current and what is happening in New York related to accident news. An accident was...

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Accident in Buffalo Now Cleared

As we strive to bring you current stories related to accident news in New York, we will often bring you emerging stories. Many accidents are reported quickly to let others in the area know what is going on. These initial reports only include small amounts of information as not a lot of details are known at first. These reports help people avoid certain areas if an accident has occurred and impacted traffic. With these stories, we will keep you posted and update you if any more information becomes available about the incident. An accident in Buffalo occurred today at around 6 in...

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Driver in Seneca Falls Facing Felony Charges

On Wednesday at 7 at night, the police arrested a Seneca Fall woman because of a property damage accident that happened on Stevenson Street. The woman who was arrested was Sarah A. May, a 28-year-old from Seneca Falls. She was arrested after an incident that happened on Stevenson Street. The police responded to the crash where the vehicle she was driving left the road and hit a tree. When they got to the scene, police made contact with May. While they were investigating, they determined she had been driving while drinking. Police also say that she has a previous drunk driving conviction within...

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Car Accident in Upper East Side

As we seek to bring you current accident news stories, we will sometimes report on emerging stories. These initial reports often only have a few details in them. This is because they are sent out as a way to notify people in the area of accidents so that they can avoid those places. We seek to keep our readers current on accident news that is happening all over New York. As we report on these initial accident reports, we will give you the information that is available. Then, as new information about these accidents is made known. We will keep you...

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Severe LaGrange Crash Being Investigated

The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that they are looking into a two-car crash that happened on Noxon Road near Vincent Road. This happened in the Town of LaGrange at around 7:20 in the morning on April 24. The crash was reported to be serious. The initial investigation shows that a 1994 Chevy pickup that was being driven by Matthew V. Amicucci was traveling west and crossed over the center pavement and hit a 2011 Ford Edge being driven by Brenda V. Swatek. The pickup caught fire and the Ford went off the road and became submerged in a pond....

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Driver Collides with Fairville Ambulance

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reported that they are investigating a crash that happened on Austin Road in Arcadia. This accident happened on Saturday at around 7:30 in the morning. According to deputies, a car that was being driven by Donald L. Dewandel, who is 85 and from Newark, was going east on Austin Road. He then hit the back of a Fairville Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance. The ambulance was parked on the road. This collision is still being investigated. According to deputies, Dewandel was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital by a Mercy Flight. He is being treated for injuries but the...

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Accident in Mott Haven, New York

We are always looking to bring you current accident stories. We want to make you aware of accidents happening in the area so that you can know what’s going on. As we bring you current stories, sometimes there will only be minimal information known at first. Initial accident reports sometimes only release a few details to alert people to avoid a certain area. So, information such as injuries and the cause of the accidents might not be known at first. As we receive more information on these accidents, we will keep you posted. We strive to bring you current and accurate...

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A NY Police Officers Returns Home From Hospital After Crash Left Him Seriously Injured

A New York Police Officer who was seriously injured in a car crash has returned home from the hospital. The officer, Don Dillon, suffered from a shattered pelvis, fractured hip, and a broken leg when a car slammed into his police vehicle on March 13. Dillon has been welcome home from the hospital a month after the incident happened. It is suspected that the accident happened because the other driver was driving while under the influence of drugs. Dillon, a 45- year-old officer, has been a cop for 20 years. He was welcomed back to his house in Farmingdale, and his vehicle was...

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