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Car Accident Attorney Offers Winter Driving Tips for New York Roads and Freeways

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Now that clear skies often give way to heavy winter rains, snow and sleet, everyone needs to exercise greater caution while traveling on New York roads and freeways. Perhaps the most tip is to only drive on days you must go out – and try to run critical errands on the way home from work or other key destinations. If you’ll also have your car thoroughly “winterized” with new antifreeze, better tires, and upgraded brakes, you’ll remain much safer than most of those you pass by. Here are some helpful driving safety tips provided by our state government, a local daily newspaper,...

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Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Lawsuit Against Apple in an Alleged Distracted Driving Case

The parents of a child that died in an alleged distracted driving incident are suing Apple Inc explain New York car accident lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates. They allege that Apple’s FaceTime app contributed to the death by encouraging distracted driving. The lawsuit was filed in December 2016, in California Superior Court in Santa Clara County. The litigation also asserts that Apple was aware of the safety risks posed by the FaceTime app, and that it failed to use its own patented lock-out feature to prevent driver use at highway speeds. Details of the Accident At about 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve, 2014,...

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Accident & Injury Lawyer New York Discusses Hazards of Drugged Driving

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It is important to understand that legal drugs can lead to illegal driving explains a New York City accident & injury lawyer at the Frekhtman & Associates law firm. Although the alleged facts of the case are not yet clear, the arrest of Tiger Woods on DUI charges focused further attention on the problem of impaired driving due to prescription drug use. Impaired drivers may cause accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities. Mixing Drugs and Impaired Driving After his May 29 arrest by police in Jupiter, Florida, the professional golfer stated he had taken Xanax and other prescription medications prior to the...

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New York City Car Accident Attorney Discusses Two Common Injuries Following an Auto Crash

Auto accident survivors are often forced to battle a wide array of serious injuries explains a New York City car accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm. In fact, many people suffer knee fractures during major accidents that require surgery and extensive physical therapy – while others must cope with ruptured stomachs and other damaged internal organs. Fortunately, first responders are carefully trained to fully examine all accident victims so that life-threatening internal injuries like ruptured stomachs (“gastrointestinal perforations”) can be quickly detected before they prove fatal. People often fracture their knees when they’re suddenly shoved forward into vehicle dashboards...

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Car Accident Lawyer Discusses the Stopping Distance Formula

New York Car Accident Lawyer at Frekhtman & Associates examines the stopping distance formula. The energy of motion of a car is responsible for the destructiveness of car accidents. It's the reason parking lot accidents bend fenders and high-speed collisions on the highway demolish cars. This energy also increases with the square of your speed. Doubling your speed from 30 mph to 60 mph for example, quadruples the destructive potential of a collision. This is why your ability to rapidly slow down is so important. If you can halve your speed before an impact, the destructive consequences reduce by one-quarter. This can...

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