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New York City Car Accident Attorney Discusses Two Common Injuries Following an Auto Crash

New York City Car Accident Attorney Discusses Two Common Injuries Following an Auto Crash

Auto accident survivors are often forced to battle a wide array of serious injuries explains a New York City car accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm. In fact, many people suffer knee fractures during major accidents that require surgery and extensive physical therapy – while others must cope with ruptured stomachs and other damaged internal organs. Fortunately, first responders are carefully trained to fully examine all accident victims so that life-threatening internal injuries like ruptured stomachs (“gastrointestinal perforations”) can be quickly detected before they prove fatal.

People often fracture their knees when they’re suddenly shoved forward into vehicle dashboards or the backs of front car seats. In contrast, those who rupture an internal organ like their stomach may have suffered the immense impact of another vehicle destroying the outer shell of their car and then shoving bits of metal or other car parts directly into them — perforating their abdominal or stomach cavity.

Since both types of injuries can be very painful and debilitating– it’s important to review their most common symptoms so that proper care and treatment can be quickly obtained.

Common Symptoms of a Fractured Knee

As might be expected, the injured person will usually be unable to bear weight on the damaged knee and may report severe pain. In rare instances, the bone may even be partially visible due to a large gash in or near the top of the leg. In some cases, the underlying bone may have fractured into numerous pieces. However, the knee cap (patella) may also have simply undergone a “clean break” into two pieces.

In addition to the injured person not being able to stand on her fractured knee, she may also show signs of extensive bruising all around it — and be unable to extend her leg in any direction without suffering immense pain. Swelling is also quite common all around the knee area.

Doctors usually first order imaging tests of an injured knee before deciding whether surgery is required – or if it’s simply necessary to place the knee in a splint or case until it has a chance to fully heal.

Symptoms Indicating Someone May Have a Ruptured Stomach/Perforated Abdomen

Doctors often spot this problem because the patient will do anything to prevent them from touching their extremely painful abdominal area due to all the pain there. Once a patient’s stomach has been perforated – stomach acids may immediately begin to spill out and bathe the surrounding internal organs, greatly increasing the person’s pain.

When this type of medical emergency is present, the victim may be vomiting, running a high fever, and complaining about unbearable pain. If any outside bacteria have pushed inside the abdominal cavity, the person’s condition may quickly worsen.

However, if there’s an early diagnosis of a gastrointestinal perforation, proper treatment can lead to a full recovery.

Complications involving a ruptured stomach (or other internal organ) can develop quickly – and may include the following conditions.

  • Massive internal bleeding – this can be followed by a hematoma rupturing
  • Pus or an abscess may form
  • Intestinal blockages can occur

Patients struggling with these severe problems may often have an accelerated heartbeat; rapid breathing; a fever; sweating; cold or clammy hands; and some degree of confusion about what is exactly happening to them.

Diagnostic measures usually include standard imaging tests, a urinalysis – and possibly some type of exploratory surgery. These can all help determine the full extent of the injuries and whether there is any internal bleeding. If surgery is performed, doctors can then try to repair any ruptured organs that they discover.

If you’ve suffered any serious car accident injury, it’s important to first obtain the medical treatment you need and then immediately contact your New York personal injury attorney.  We will fully investigate the facts of your case while protecting your legal rights. We will tell you if we believe the facts of your case will support the filing of a lawsuit on your behalf.

Please note that our firm often succeeds in negotiating generous settlements and large jury awards for many vehicle accident clients. We’ll work hard to obtain the full compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost earnings, and future medical care.