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Brooklyn Degloving Injury Attorneys

Degloving injuries are very serious injuries where the skin, soft tissues, tendons and muscles are ripped off the bone akin to removing a glove from your hand. One of the primary causes of degloving injuries are pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents where an individual is dragged by a car along the roadway or run over by a vehicle. Another major cause is industrial or work accidents involving large equipment or machinery such as tractors, conveyor belts, forklifts, drill presses, cranes, back hoes, and similar equipment. Degloving injuries occur when someone’s arm or foot gets caught in a machine and pulled or...

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Injury lawyer will help pedestrians struck by reckless drivers

An article from the New York Daily News discusses a few horrific traffic accidents that occurred in mid-January.  Each involved pedestrians.  In at least two of the cases mentioned, the pedestrians were acting appropriately, and it was the drivers' reckless behavior that resulted in death or serious injury. In one of the cases mentioned, the driver made an illegal left turn and ran into a 68-year-old woman crossing the street in the crosswalk.  The accident was fatal for the pedestrian.  Another accident involved a cement truck that hit a 63-year-old woman crossing the street; she was also in the crosswalk and...

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Pedestrian Knockdown Accident Lawyers Discuss Accident at Harlem Laundromat

Brooklyn car accident image courtesy nyc lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates

A motorist allegedly lost control of his sport utility vehicle before it crashed into a Harlem laundromat. The 59-year-old man told authorities that he was attempting to park the vehicle on East 102nd Street near Lexington Avenue at about 1:50 p.m. on Thursday, January 21. Vehicle Rolls Down Sidewalk Instead, the SUV sped out of control for unknown reasons. It travelled down a sidewalk and past two houses along East 102nd Street. The New York Daily News reports that the wayward SUV struck a female pedestrian in front of the laundromat that she was exiting. A witness described to a reporter how...

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