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MTA Hit With Demand for Guardrails in Subway

The MTA has been hit with a class action call for guardrails in the Subway. After nearly a dozen instances of tragedy happening on New York City’s subways tracks, a woman who had a close call herself is bringing a federal class action suit to the MTA and demanding safety reforms. This story happened on March 22, 2018. The lead plaintiff in the case is Mary West. She only suffered minor injuries to her leg when it got caught between an Uptown 1 train and the platform. This happened last year. Her 36-page complaint was full of disturbing photos of commuters...

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Brooklyn train accident lawyers discuss Positive Train Control technology

Last week’s Long Island Rail Road train derailment could have easily been prevented if available technology known as the Positive Train Control (PTC) system had been used says one of the Brooklyn train accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm.  The LIRR train came into the platform at over 15 m.p.h and crashed into the bumping block causing the train to derail with a piece of rail piercing the bottom of one of the train cars. It left over 100 people injured. PTC technology works and is able to identify, predict, and prevent train crashes, derailments, and other accidents....

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