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Train Accidents

LIRR Safety Plan Fails Preliminary Tests

The Long Island Rail Road has been putting into place a $1 billion safety system. This system is designed to prevent accidents and save people’s lives. It has been reported that the system has failed its initials tests. MTA officials have said that the program, called Positive Train Control, has been tested 31 times since February. They have said the software is being tested in the factory as well as on the Port Washington Branch. The role of the Positive Train Control plan is to bring the train to a stop automatically if it violates a stop signal. Of these tests, the...

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Investigators to Look Into Crash Sites in Brooklyn and Hoboken

Federal investigators met in Washington to discuss the causes of two train accidents that involved engineers who had undiagnosed sleep apnea. Both of these accidents happened in the New York City area. The National Transportation Safety Board is looking to release the probable causes of a September 2016 crash in Hoboken and January 2017 LIRR crash in Brooklyn. Both trains were going double the speed limit for MTA trains as they were coming into the stations. Both of these crashes caused injuries to over 100 people. The crash in Hoboken led to one woman’s death. She had been standing on the platform at...

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Do You Need a Train Accident Attorney?

Did you know that there are about 3,000 train accidents that cause around 1,000 death each year in the United States? Of course, there are many more train accidents that cause injuries that don’t lead to fatalities. Even small accidents involving trains can lead to severe injury because trains are so large and move quickly. Train accident personal injury cases can be complicated as they often involve many responsible parties. Train accidents also have specific laws and regulations that are different than accidents involving other vehicles. A train accident might just impact one person like in the case of a slip and...

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Train Accident Lawyer New York

Have you been injured in a train accident that happened in New York? Traveling by train is more common in New York than in many other states in America. Especially in New York City, trains are a common way to get around. Millions of people use the subway system everyday. Also, many people use LIRR trains and other trains to get to the surrounding areas in New York. Because of this, there is a chance that people will be injured in train accidents. Just like with any other vehicle, accidents can and do happen. When you are injured in a train,...

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LIRR to Test Life-Saving Technology

LIRR to Test Life-Saving Technology

The MTA  is working on implementing life-saving technology which controls the speed of trains. They will be testing this technology on the LIRR Port Washington line that runs from Woodside and Bayside. They are going to be doing this testing all throughout the month of April. This move is in anticipation of meeting the federal deadline on December 31 for the launch of Positive Train Control. They are working towards implementing Positive Train Control stems from the many Amtrak derailments that were caused by excessive speed. These Amtrak accidents caused fatalities. The U.S. Senate is pushing for agencies to act and to...

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MTA is Testing a Commuting App

The MTA is starting tests on its new app ahead of the public launch that is supposed to happen in the coming weeks. The app is called “MYmta,” and it will feature trip planning and real-time information for services. It will also let commuters know about accidents and reasons why other delays are happening. The app is supposed to be available to commuters in the next few weeks. This information comes from MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein. The app is meant to replace the current MTA apps and to be more effective and accurate. When living in New York, using the MTA is a...

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1 Dead in LIRR Crash With Vehicle

In March, a car and a LIRR train crashed into each other which led to the death of the driver of the car. The train was going eastbound from East Northport to Port Jefferson. This information comes from the MTA. No one who was on the train was injured in the accident. The accident caused the car to become mangled and it ended up landing upside down near the tracks. It wasn’t clear as to what exactly caused the accident, and it is not clear if the train struck the car or if the car hit the train. It is also not clear...

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LIRR Boss Stepping Down

  LIRR President Patrick Nowakowski spoke to the press after a train accident that happened in Jamaica, Queens. He was the chief who oversaw the LIRR during its worst performance, and, as such, he has decided to stop down. The LIRR had its worst performance in 18 years in 2017. There were over 21,000 late trains. Nowakowski is resigning on Friday after overseeing the job for four years. “LIRR riders deserve a new leader who will demand immediate reform and who will level with and speak directly to them,” State Senator Todd Kaminsky said in a statement. After the accident in Queens, Nowakowski decided to...

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A Man Killed by Train at Long Island Railroad Station

Last week, a man was struck and killed by a train at the Lynbrook Long Island Railroad station. The man has still not been identified, according to MTA officials. Service was suspended going in both directions on the Long Beach line. Homicide detectives were on the scene investigating the incident. The man was hit by the train at around 8:15 at night. His body ended up on the station platform, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. As of now, the MTA has confirmed that the incident did occur. They have not said the identity of the victim, and they have also...

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NYC Trains are Slower for Safety Reasons

According to one report that was found along with internal documents, there is an explanation for the subway’s declining performance that is different than the one MTV leaders have told the public. The reason for the subway’s slower performance might not be budget cuts or crowds, but instead it might be self-imposed by the MTA. This imposition seems to have been in response to an accident that happened two decades ago. It appears that the trains could be slower because they slowed the trains down. So, even though there is an $836 million dollar Subway Action Plan in place, it might...

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