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NYC Motorcycle Accident Law Firm:  Frequently Asked Questions


Law enforcement officers and accident investigators often find motorcycle collisions among the hardest cases to handle. Sadly, these riders have such limited physical protection that they often suffer severe and even fatal injuries. Furthermore, even the toughest helmet can crack or break apart, especially after a rider has been thrown from a bike upon impact. After major collisions with large trucks or SUVs, surviving riders and their loved ones often pose many questions to our firm. They are understandably eager to obtain justice and proper financial damages for all that was suffered. Here are some of the typical questions often posed to...

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Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Important Questions to Ask Your Attorney

Once you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to focus on your next step explains one of the Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm in NYC. Working with motorcycle accident lawyers will allow you to get the financial assistance that you need. There are several questions you should ask to ensure that you find the right lawyer to represent you for your case. What is your experience with motorcycle accidents? When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they should have experience with accidents involving motorcycles. This includes understanding the statistics that are involved with a...

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NY motorcycle accident lawyer serves as an advocate for motorcycle passengers

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Motorcycle accidents are a serious problem on the roads. The CDC reports that between 1999 and 2008, motorcyclist deaths more than doubled, even as there were declines in other kinds of vehicular collision fatalities. In addition to examining the safety and driving behaviors of motorcyclists, and whether or not they shared the fault for a crash, it's important to consider motorcycle passengers as well. Motorcycle passengers are also vulnerable and exposed to collisions on the road; furthermore, they have little to no control over the behavior of the motorcycle driver (let alone any other drivers on the road). The vulnerability of motorcycle...

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