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Person Hit and Killed by Train While Walking Along Tracks

A person who was walking along the train tracks in Beacon was hit by a train and killed. This information comes from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police. The police said that an unauthorized person was walking south of the Metro-North station around 12:30 in the afternoon. They were hit by a train that was headed north. Police report that trains were diverted and at least one train had to be canceled. There was some confusion for train passengers over the train schedule and some were left in their cars waiting. According to MTA Police Captain Jennifer Kelly, there hasn’t been a fatal accident on...

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A LIRR Train Hits Car on Tracks

LIRR train accident in New York

The crossing gates were already down and the lights were flashing on when a Long Island Rail Road train hit into a car on the tracks. This happened on March 27th, 2018. The train hit hard into the car, which was abandoned on the tracks, and sparked a fireball that went streaking along the tracks. The train then crashed to a stop. Surveillance video from the incident showed this information. The fireball filled the area with smoke and service was cut out for the entire weekend. According to people in the area, it isn’t that uncommon for cars to end up...

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