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Accident in Tudor City

Accident in Tudor City

Accident in Tudor City

We are always looking to bring you up-to-date stories on accidents in New York. We look to bring you current stories as they are being reported. As such, we will sometimes report on breaking stories. This is so you can know information about what is going on in the area and areas to avoid. In these initial accident reports, sometimes only a few details are known about the accident such as the location. This is because these reports are meant to tell people what is going on in an area. The details about injuries and what caused the accidents are not always clear at first.

As always, we will update the stories if more information becomes available.

In Tudor City, there was an accident between 42nd Street at Exit 9 and 49th Street at Exit 10. The left lane of the road was reported to be blocked. This happened on April 24 at around 1:21 in the afternoon. The accident was reported to be minor.

This information is all that is known about this accident at this time.

If we get more information, we will update this story.

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