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Accident at Atlantic Avenue

We are always looking to bring you current stories related to accident news. As new stories are reported on in New York, we will keep you posted. Initial accident reports often only include a small amount of information. These reports are meant to alert people in the area of a traffic problem and let them know what is going on an which areas to avoid. If we get more information about these stories, we will update you with the new details. This story is emerging and only a few details are known at this time. There was an accident report at Atlantic...

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Accident in Buffalo Now Cleared

As we strive to bring you current stories related to accident news in New York, we will often bring you emerging stories. Many accidents are reported quickly to let others in the area know what is going on. These initial reports only include small amounts of information as not a lot of details are known at first. These reports help people avoid certain areas if an accident has occurred and impacted traffic. With these stories, we will keep you posted and update you if any more information becomes available about the incident. An accident in Buffalo occurred today at around 6 in...

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Driver Collides with Fairville Ambulance

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reported that they are investigating a crash that happened on Austin Road in Arcadia. This accident happened on Saturday at around 7:30 in the morning. According to deputies, a car that was being driven by Donald L. Dewandel, who is 85 and from Newark, was going east on Austin Road. He then hit the back of a Fairville Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance. The ambulance was parked on the road. This collision is still being investigated. According to deputies, Dewandel was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital by a Mercy Flight. He is being treated for injuries but the...

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Accident in Tudor City

We are always looking to bring you up-to-date stories on accidents in New York. We look to bring you current stories as they are being reported. As such, we will sometimes report on breaking stories. This is so you can know information about what is going on in the area and areas to avoid. In these initial accident reports, sometimes only a few details are known about the accident such as the location. This is because these reports are meant to tell people what is going on in an area. The details about injuries and what caused the accidents are...

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Car Hits Into Apartment in Greenburgh

An elderly couple suffered from minor injuries after they hit their car into the front of an apartment building. This happened in Westchester County last Thursday. Their Honda Accord hit the front of Building B at the Scarsdale Ridge Apartments at 344 Central Park Avenue. This happened in Greenburgh at around 2 in the afternoon. The car drove halfway into the building and made a hole in the brick wall. The two people in the car were transported to Westchester County Medical Center. It appears that no one else was injured in the accident. The 12 apartments located in the building were evacuated, and the...

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3 Drivers Arrested for DWI

3 Drivers Arrested for DWI

This update comes from the past two days and gives you information about people who have been arrested for DWIs in New York. Three drivers were arrested for DWIs in the area. On April 23, State Police Hamptonburg arrested Edward Murph for a DWI. Murph is 37-years-old and from Carmel, New York. He was stopped for a traffic violation and was found to be driving while drunk. On April 23, State Police Middletown arrested Christopher Arpine for a DWI. Aprine is 58 and from New Windsor. He was stopped for a traffic law violation and arrested for driving while drunk. On April 14, State...

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Serious Accident at Dry Harbor Road

We have another accident report to bring you that is current and emerging. These accident reports often only have minimal information at first. They seek to give basic information to alert people in the area of delays and accidents. We want to bring you the most recent accidents news stories in New York. As these stories become updated with more information, we will keep you posted. A serious accident led to a road closure at Dry Harbor Road. The road was closed because of the accident. This occurred at Rego Park in New York. The accident is reported to have started at around...

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