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Man Was Going 154 MPH in Long Island Crash that Killed 5

Man Was Going 154 MPH in Long Island Crash that Killed 5

Man Was Going 154 MPH in Long Island Crash that Killed 5

Five people died in a Valentine’s Day crash that occurred in Ridge. Four of the victims were in one vehicle which burst into flames during the accident. A mother and two of her adult children were among those killed.

The man accused of speeding down the road at 154 miles per hour was 23 years-old, and he has been prosecuted.

The man who caused the accident was Jamel Turner.

Prosecutors say he was driving a stolen car and going around 154 miles per hour. They are also alleging that Turner bragged to friends that he would outrun the police if they tried to stop him.

Turner was also injured in the crash. The accident involved an oil truck, his vehicle, and two other cars.

He pled not guilty to multiple charges including reckless endangerment. He has been in custody since the time of the accident.

The victims were Turner’s passengers, Lonindell Skinner. Also, a family including Jacquelyn McCoy, Mary Alice Booker, and Anthony McCoy. McCoy’s girlfriend, Tameka Foster, also died in the crash.

Charges in the indictment also include manslaughter.

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