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Surprise Crane Inspections by DOB

Surprise Crane Inspections by DOB

In New York City, high winds are not uncommon. Across the area, construction crews are required to ensure that huge cranes are secured properly.

The Department of buildings was making surprise inspections last week to see if construction companies were in compliance with these regulations.

They went to a construction site in Brooklyn where a site had to be shut down because of a glitch on a device that measured wind speed on the crane.

DOB inspector Michael Linton said, “(The device) must be operational before they resume activity.”

In 2016, a crane came crashing down on a windy morning and killed a passerby. Since then, all big cranes must now have wind measuring devices to tell the operator what the wind speeds are in real time.

There are stricter regulations now following that accident, but the safety measures still rely mainly on an honor system. The DOB insists they are cracking down on these violations and investigating them.

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