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Crane Accidents

Useful Tips for Evaluating Safety on Your NYC Construction Site Job


Far too often, New York City construction workers must tell their project supervisors and managers when basic safety standards are not being met. Although this places an unfair burden on workers eager to keep their jobs, alerting supervisors to serious OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violations can help greatly reduce injuries and save lives. During daily or weekly construction site training sessions or meetings, supervisors have a duty to remind all workers of the most common safety violations – and provide further learning material by placing OSHA safety posters near check-in areas (or timeclocks) and locker areas. All construction workers (and...

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How to Minimize Construction Site Dangers During the Pandemic In New York

Construction accident lawyer New York

Now that we know that the COVID-19 pandemic will be around for another year or two, we must make sure that all construction site employers follow the best safety guidelines. To help meet this challenge, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has created detailed workplace recommendations. Since these guidelines are rather comprehensive, it will help to review them based on each of the specific construction safety topics they address. Both employers and workers must alter many past work practices to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 and regular construction site dangers. Subjects addressed include the need to create multiple teams and shifts,...

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Surprise Crane Inspections by DOB

In New York City, high winds are not uncommon. Across the area, construction crews are required to ensure that huge cranes are secured properly. The Department of buildings was making surprise inspections last week to see if construction companies were in compliance with these regulations. They went to a construction site in Brooklyn where a site had to be shut down because of a glitch on a device that measured wind speed on the crane. DOB inspector Michael Linton said, “(The device) must be operational before they resume activity.” In 2016, a crane came crashing down on a windy morning and killed a passerby....

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Construction Workers Honored on 10-Year Anniversary

In March, six construction workers who died in a fatal crane collapse were honored at a 10-year-anniversary ceremony in Midtown. The families and friends of the six construction workers gathered together to mark the anniversary of the event and to remember and honor their loved ones. This accident occurred 10 years ago when the workers were at a construction site. A reverend at the ceremony said, “We are here today not for how our brothers died, but more importantly how our brothers lived and how our brothers loved.” The memorial occurred at the site where the accident happened at around E. 51st St....

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Construction Accident Lawyer Discusses Wind Turbine Accidents

On Tuesday, April 18, a crane accident at a Vermont wind farm killed the operator. This tragic event drew attention to the hazards inherent in wind turbine construction and maintenance. The growth of wind energy has quickly accelerated in recent years. In 2016, wind turbines generated about 5.5 percent of all electrical power in the United States. Since 2014, the efficiency of wind turbines has increased due to taller towers and longer blades. However, with the larger wind turbines come construction and maintenance challenges and new dangers for workers. Taller towers allow blades to reach higher into the sky where average wind speeds are...

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Queens Construction Accident Attorney: Roof Collapse Occurs After Crane Delivery

New York City crane accidents keep happening on a regular basis explains a Queens construction accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm in Forest Hills, Queens. Given the hectic pace involving the construction of new skyscrapers and the constant renovation work being done on older homes and office buildings, it’s perhaps a wonder that these tragedies don’t unfold even more often. On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, a crane operator dutifully delivered 2,000 pounds of ordered beams, sand, and concrete to the roof of a two-story family home in Astoria, Queens. Apparently unable to handle this heavy load, the roof collapsed....

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NY Crane Accident Attorneys Discuss a Recent Multi-Million Dollar Jury Award and Other Accidents

Crane safety is a key issue in the construction industry explains Arkady Frekhtman, one of the NY crane accident attorneys at the F&A construction injury law firm in Manhattan. Cranes that tower over skyscrapers, bridges and other structures are essential to the building process. Given the size and weight of this machinery, the potential for catastrophic accidents is a significant concern. Sometimes, collapsing or out-of-control crane booms strike workers or innocent bystanders. Severe injuries or loss of life often occur. Jury Awards Workers Millions Recently, a Texas crane accident resulted in a multi-million dollar award. According to the Houston Chronicle, on May...

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Queens Crane Accident Claims Two Lives

Overhead Crane Accident

According to the FDNY, at about 12:10 p.m. on Tuesday, November 22, a crane accident resulted in fatalities. The deadly event happened at a Briarwood construction site at 81-10 134th Street, near the Grand Central Parkway. According to a story published by NY1 News, a beam that was being lifted suddenly fell on the cab of the crane. The 50-year-old crane operator and a 43-year-old worker were crushed and killed. Gusty Winds in Forecast The cause of the accident was not immediately known, although CBSNewYork reported that forecast winds in the area were 20-25 mph with 40 mph gusts. Following a fatal Tribeca...

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Crane Accident Lawyer Identifies Complexities in Recent Construction Accident

New York City remains one of the hottest construction markets in the United States.  In fact, as reported in Construction Drive, commercial and multifamily construction outpaced every other city in 2015. "The total dollar value of all construction projects initiated in the five boroughs reached $40.9 billion in 2015, a jump of 53 percent from 2014 when construction starts totaled $26.7 billion and more than double the $19.9 billion in starts realized in 2013," according to Real Estate Weekly. As a result, a concurrent rise in construction accidents has accompanied the  construction boom, and crane accidents have played a role in...

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