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Accident Injuries

Don’t be afraid to see a doctor after a car accident

Many clients tell our firm they are afraid to go the doctor after a car accident even though they feel pain. This is because they may not have health/ medical insurance coverage and fear that the hospitals and or doctors will send them a big bill and or put them in collection. However, the New York No Fault law requires the automobile insurance company of the car you are physically in to pay for up to $50,000 of medical benefits to each injured person. This is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). It acts like health insurance and most people can treat...

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What To Do After a Car Accident by New York Personal Injury Lawyer

After a Car Accident it is important to: 1. Call the police. Leaving the scene of an accident without notifying the police is a crime in New York State. 2. Write down the license plate # of the other car involved as well as the make and model. 3. Don't argue with the other driver. Stay in your car and wait for the police to arrive. 4. If you feel pain, go to the hospital to get checked out. 5. Take photos of the other car, the location of the accident, and your injuries. If you dont have a camera with you, check if your...

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Social Networking and your Personal Injury Claim in New York

If you are injured and seeking compensation then you have to aware of various issues involved in the compensation claim process. There are several instances where insurance companies use underhand tactics in order to devoid victims of their insurance claim. The latest tool used by insurance companies can be your Facebook or even Orkut account. In the past few year’s Social Networking websites such as Facebook and Orkut have gained significant popularity. People regularly throng these websites to post information about themselves, photos or even videos. These websites are proving as modern age social clubs where people can update each other...

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An Insight on New York State (NYS) Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law provides compensation for personal injury victims. Personal injury law provides compensation if victim has suffered injuries and trauma due to negligence of some individual or authority. If you are involved in a personal injury accident then personal injury law will provide you all the necessary help you require. Personal injury law provides compensation in variety of injury cases which includes dog bites, nursing home abuse, car accident, truck accident and several others including medical malpractice by your surgeon or some medical authority. You can also file a personal injury compensation claim against the state authorities like New York...

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Most Dangerous Jobs in America : Update by New York Injury Attorney

Fishing, logging and flying were considered as some of the most dangerous jobs in America in 2007. These jobs witnessed death rate which was highest as compared to others, according to the report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However workplace fatalities dropped in the United States during 2007, but the number of murders in the workplace increased significantly. Around 5,488 people lost their lives due to injuries which they received while on their job in 2007. Some of the most dangerous jobs in America are as given below:- a) Fishing – Fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations and...

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Residents of Queens, New York Apartments return after Fire Clean-Up

Residents of Queens, New York apartments returned back to their apartment buildings which caught fire after a gas explosion last week. The residents started moving back into 11 of the 37 apartments which were vacated after the fire accident. More than a dozen people were injured in the gas explosion which took place at 147-25 Sanford Avenue. Mr. Edgar Zaldumbide and his two year old daughter Melissa received serious burn injuries in this fire accident. Several of the vacated residents still feel unsafe to go back in the apartments. However building manager told that rooms have been repaired and they comply with safety...

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New York Construction Worker Seriously Injured In a Fall Accident

A New York construction worker got seriously injured after falling from fourth floor of a building in Queens this morning. According to officials a 40 year old fell when he was installing guard rails on a residential building. He was not wearing safety harness at that time. The worker was taken to Elmhurst Hospital by the fire officials and was unconscious with multiple injuries. A stop-work order was issued by the Department of Buildings for safety violations including lack of a safety harness. News Update by : New York Construction Accident Lawyer...

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Car and Motorcycle Crash near Staten Island, New York: 1 Killed and 2 Injured

A car hit two motorcycles near Staten Island, New York on Monday evening killing one biker and injuring two others. The car, Volkswagen Jetta hit motorcycles sending two people off their motorbike along the pavement for around 20 feet. The car didn't stopped there but ran over the second bike, thus crushing the rider underneath to death. According to Nick Prada, who was the eyewitness of car-motorcycle accident said that it sounded like an explosion, and then both car and bike engulfed into fire ball within few seconds. The car finally stopped by a chain-link fence and a cement barrier at Whitehall and South...

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Girl critically injured in a Hit-and-Run Car Accident, Brooklyn, New York

A nine-year-old girl was critically injured in a hit-and-run accident at Rockaway Avenue in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  She was hit by a tan Nissan Maxima. The driver of the car reportedly fled from the scene. She was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where she is in critical condition. Police is searching for the driver who fled from the scene and abandoned the car several blocks away on Park Place. News Update by: New York Car Accident Attorney...

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DOE, New York Allegedly Mishandles School Bus Complaints

The New York City Comptroller reported that the Department of Education does not properly address complaints related to city school buses. The New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson found that DOE (Pupil Transportation) has received more than 360,000 complaints related to School Buses. Some of the complaints include illegal weapons on school buses and late arrivals. It was found that several of these complaints were not addressed properly, and DOE took more than a year to address some of the complaints. The New York City Comptroller Office has released a list of 17 recommendations to improve the services of school bus providers and...

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