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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Knockdown Accident Lawyers Discuss Accident at Harlem Laundromat

Brooklyn car accident image courtesy nyc lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates

A motorist allegedly lost control of his sport utility vehicle before it crashed into a Harlem laundromat. The 59-year-old man told authorities that he was attempting to park the vehicle on East 102nd Street near Lexington Avenue at about 1:50 p.m. on Thursday, January 21. Vehicle Rolls Down Sidewalk Instead, the SUV sped out of control for unknown reasons. It travelled down a sidewalk and past two houses along East 102nd Street. The New York Daily News reports that the wayward SUV struck a female pedestrian in front of the laundromat that she was exiting. A witness described to a reporter how...

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Injury lawyers on hand to help pedestrians involved in truck collisions

A terrible accident took place recently on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. An 86-year-old pedestrian crossing the street on a crosswalk and with the light in his favor was struck by a delivery truck. According to news reports, the result was severe head trauma. The kind of injury the pedestrian sustained can lead to death. Even if he doesn't die, he could face a variety of serious problems, including the following: Coma Paralysis and other loss of motor functioning Cognitive deficits, including loss of speech and memory impairments Emotional problems Pedestrians are vulnerable to vehicles of any size; getting struck...

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NY Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

  New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer represent victims of pedestrian accidents within New York State. More than 1,200 pedestrians loose their lives in New Jersey, downstate New York, and Connecticut each year, as per the report from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. The report stated that the region's most dangerous road for pedestrians is the Hempstead Turnpike in Nassau County. The turnpike has held this dishonor for 4 years in a row. Rank Road County Pedestrian Fatalities (2008-2010) 1. SR-24 (Hempstead Tpke/Conklin St), Nassau, NY -- Fatalities: 15 2. Broadway, Manhattan, NY -- Fatalities: 13 3. SR-27 (Sunrise Hwy), Suffolk, NY -- Fatalities: 10 3. US-130 (Burlington Pike),...

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