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Medical Malpractice

Can Surgical Staplers Cause Serious Injuries & Death?

Surgical Staplers Cause Serious Injuries

During the past two years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued news releases, recalls, guidelines and other materials regarding surgical and implantable staples. This has been in response to the very large number of medical device reports (MDRs) that were submitted to the FDA between January 1, 2011 and March 31, 2018. In fact, at least 41,000 MDRs were received by the FDA during that time period (some experts claim that number is far higher). Numerous issues have been raised about the dangers posed to patients by both surgical and implantable staples. Unfortunately, too many patients are still suffering...

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NYC Hospital Negligence Law Firm

NYC Hospital Negligence Lawyers

Although many hospital patients benefit from successful surgeries, others return home battling serious pain caused by negligent care. Busy doctors and nurses often make critical errors requiring new surgeries to correct their mistakes. Some patients simply die of errors witnessed by a few employees who are too afraid of losing their jobs to speak up about what they’ve seen. Since a comprehensive list of negligent hospital errors and omissions would be too unwieldly for any article, a sample list has been set forth below. In some cases, hospitals can be held liable for the negligence of doctors who practice in them...

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New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyers Examine the Safety of Spinal Injections

Managing severe back pain following a serious fall or a major vehicle accident can be a daunting task explains one of the New York City medical malpractice lawyers at the Frekhtman &Associates law firm. And once prescribed opioids and other narcotic painkillers no longer provide significant relief (or you fear becoming addicted to them), one of your doctors will probably suggest that you obtain steroid injections directly into your back muscles – and maybe even undergo at least one epidural steroid injection (ESI). While this latter procedure frequently provides some short-term relief for a few weeks or longer for many patients, its...

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Why a Timely Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Diagnosis is Crucial from New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers

med malpractice

While all medical conditions require accurate and timely diagnoses, patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) can miss out on critical early treatments when doctors are too slow in determining what’s causing their symptoms. In fact, once MS progresses beyond some of its most common early signs, patients may be unable to obtain as many long-term remissions. To help patients minimize their suffering, basic neurological tests have been developed to help doctors gain conclusive evidence about the presence or absence of MS. Hopefully, the standard and emerging tests and treatments referenced below will help you or someone you know regain greater control over...

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New York Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Coping with Birth Injuries:  Cerebral Palsy

At present, about 500,000 American children and adults are coping with cerebral palsy. Children often remain undiagnosed until they turn two or three years old. Out of every 1,000 infants and young kids, two or three of them have cerebral palsy. While there is no cure once parents discover that their child has this condition, there are a number of therapies and drugs that can address some of the most troubling – and limiting – symptoms. How is Cerebral Palsy Often Defined? Cerebral Palsy actually refers to a number of medical conditions that can affect a person’s muscle tone, movement or posture....

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New York City Birth Injury Lawyers Discuss $1.3 Million Jury Award

A jury in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, awarded $1.3 million to the estate of an infant who died following complex heart surgery at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children explains one of the New York City birth injury lawyers at the F&A personal injury law firm. After an 11-1 vote, the jury returned the verdict in Common Pleas Court on Tuesday, June 7, 2016. The jury concluded that the infant's death resulted from an excess amount of calcium administered by the anesthesiologist during the procedure. Higher Mortality Rate A previous Philadelphia Inquirer investigation revealed a higher mortality rate at this hospital compared to hospitals nationwide....

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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Discuss How Mistakes in Med School Could Lead To Medical Malpractice Later

According to a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine study, the methods used to evaluate surgical students to make less surgical errors might not be comprehensive enough to deliver the best results explain New York City medical malpractice attorneys at the F&A injury law firm. Researchers tested the way future orthopedic surgeons are graded to check for shortcomings in measuring motor skills. The report published in the Journal of Surgical Education says that training students requires more than ensuring that they practice skills as assessing quality and tracking errors are also needed. Formal training for improving mistakes is crucial to ensure...

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Birth Trauma Or Birth Injury Lawyers Discuss Jury Award For Brain Injury At Birth

On February 5, 2016, the family of a girl who suffered permanent neurological injury at birth was awarded $29.89 million by a Massachusetts jury, according to The jury concluded that a physician was negligent in his treatment and care of the girl. The civil suit was originally filed against six physicians involved in the girl's birth. One of the six doctors was later removed as a defendant, and four others were found not negligent. The suit alleged that from September 5 to September 6, 2004, the remaining defendant failed to do seven things, including a timely emergency caesarean section. This caused...

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Questions to Ask Prospective Birth Trauma or Birth Injury Lawyers

When a baby is born, it's usually a joyful time. But when something goes wrong at a birth, it can make the day very sad for a family. When there are problems at birth, a lot of parents will look for potential birth trauma or birth injury lawyers. Here are three questions for parents to ask when they are looking for lawyers for a birth injury. How long have you been in practice? The first thing that you want to is ask your lawyer how long they have been in practice. You want to find someone who has been practicing law for a...

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What Happens When a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Handles Your Case?

You trust your doctor. It's difficult to imagine that he might cause you harm. But just like everyone else, doctors are human; and humans make mistakes. Unfortunately when a doctor makes a mistake, his act of malpractice can cause pain, suffering, and worse problems than your original medical condition might have caused. If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, you shouldn't necessarily seek punishment against your doctor. You shouldn't simply hang your head and walk away either. But you might be legally entitled to money for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages. A medical malpractice lawyer...

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